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Pitaka Air Omni Review: A charger that fits all your devices

Whether by choice or by virtue of our needs, we surround ourselves with more gadgets. And while it’s fun and useful, it’s a big problem to keep a lot of juiced up. In the world where we are often stuck in a mess of chargers and cables, Pitaka Air Omni offers to charge all your devices at once. Read through when we test whether it is “The Ultimate Charging Machine For Apple Family” or not?

Pitaka Air Omni: A one-stop solution for all your devices

Pitaka offers a compact and smart charging station to ease all the charging strings. And although it is slightly larger than the average wireless charger for multiple devices, all that space works to our advantage.

pitaka air omni smart charging station

After all, there is one 6-in-1 charging station which can quickly charge iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, Nintendo Switch or Android devices quickly. This is how:

Wireless charging plate: Not just one, the Air Omni has two designated areas for wireless charging. There you can drop the Qi-compatible smartphones and earbuds to lubricate them.

wireless charging plate for pitaka air omni charging station

Apple Certified Watch Module: Thanks to a nice popup module, you can place your watch in a flat or upright position. This mechanism is smooth, silent, fast and somehow extremely satisfying to my technical heart.


Lightning to Type C Switch: Another unique mechanism that threw me over. With just the push of a button, you can switch between the Lightning or Type-C connectors. So it also acts as a convenient docking station for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

switch between lightning to type c on pitaka air omni charging station

USB connectors: On the right side is a USB-A and USB-C port to accommodate wired charging. And with that, Air Omni smartly manages to replace your fast charging blocks as well.

usb sockets of pitaka air omni charging station

Secret drawer: Oh yes! you read that right, Pitaka has also incorporated a small safe to hide your small treasures, such as SIM cards. In addition, the drawer is even equipped with an LED!

Keep small items safe in small drawer with pitaka air omni charging station

Magnetic holder: Looks like the designers have thought of it all! What if you want to place a device in landscape orientation? Just stick the magnetic holder and enjoy the benefits of a practical table stand.

Pitaka Air Omni actually offers a one-stop solution for almost all your charging needs. But there’s more on the plate …

How the Pitaka Air Omni triumphs over another charger

While all of the above features are good, certain points such as compatibility, portability, power and security are so important, if not more so.

Especially when you are handing over your precious devices to the station. So let’s quickly check them out too:

Wide compatibility:

Wireless charging plate All Qi-enabled devices
Earplugs charging plate Apple AirPods with wireless charging
Galaxy Buds
Powerbeats Pro charging case
Apple Watch Charging Mount Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (versions of ceramic, titanium, steel, aluminum, sports and Nike)
Lightning and Type-C Toggle All devices that use Lightning or Type-C charging
Charging port All Type A and Type-C chargers

Aramid Fiber: Air Omni bears the brand’s signature look and material. The aviation material used is known for its strength and provides excellent resistance to heat.

Chain-Coil Charging Pad: Pitaka uses a patented Chain-Coil charging platform, thanks to which the device is charged wirelessly, even if it is slightly centered.

chain coil design charding pad of pitaka air omni

Portability: At 8.1 * 6.7 * 1.2 inches, the Air Omni can easily sit on the small desk and fit in your travel bag. You can even buy Pitaka’s travel case to make commuting even easier.

Technical specifications:

    • Total power – 64.5 W.
    • Weight – 830 g
    • Lightning / Type-C socket output – 18W
    • Type-C and Type-A output for charging ports – 18W (15W for two devices)
    • Wireless charging output – 7.5 W / 10 W.
    • Airpods Qi charge – 5W
    • Apple Watch Charge – 5W
    • Warranty – 1 year warranty

Is it the ultimate charger?

Absolutely! Pitaka Air Omni fulfills flawless promises. To test, I packed it with Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, iPhone and iPad Pro. All my devices were successful and at the same time quickly charged.

And the best part is that I did not have to wait for the plug to be released or struggled with cables. Furthermore, it kind of worked as a smart organizer and helped me set up my desk.

pitaka air omni 6 in 1 charging station

You could call this nitpicking, but I just wish the drawer could be a little deeper. So it can at least fit a charging cable or the magnetic holder that comes in the package. Other than the little wishful thinking, there is no complaint or error that we experienced while using the Air Omni.

A big thumbs up to Pitaka to manage to pack convenience and power in a well-designed, compact and sophisticated form factor.

Price: $ 159.00

Check out iPitaka.com

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