Great announcement from Supertop blog today:

We have some news to share. Tiny has bought a majority stake in Castro. We are still shareholders and will continue to work on the full-time app.

The post continues to explain the reasons for this transfer of ownership.

Castro has reached a size where the requirements for running the business have drawn us in too many different directions. We have not been able to focus so much on the core work of designing and building a product. Tiny sells Castro access to more resources, contacts and expertise. By growing the team, we can specialize our roles to be more focused individually and become more collectively done. We can come back to what we are good at and what we love to do.

Castro reviewed a business model transition earlier this year, moved from paid with Castro 2 to release Castro 3 along with the launch of the Castro Plus drawing option. It seems that shift has led to increased administration work for Supertops development group, which should be relieved thanks to this acquisition. The post concludes:

We have begun working with Castro 4. The plan is to improve the design to bring more listeners to Castro flow. We are pleased that for the first time in five years of work at Castro, we have the resources to focus solely on product designers and developers, without contracting to distract us, and with a team around us to handle the administrative tasks.

Castro is one of the best podcast clients on iOS, so I'm grateful that today's announcement does not spell its end. On the contrary, there seems to be hope for the app's future in Tiny's hands. Just time will tell of course so I will be curious to see the app's update period during the coming year.