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Powerbeats Pro: I think my wife is in love

I thought my wife would love the new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds from Apple, but there is no way to be sure about these things. I've been wrong before guessing my wife's taste. Even after nearly 22 years of marriage, I still don't have all the answers, and I'm sure a man can deal with it. She may be picky about certain things, and it just happens that things she puts on or in her ears are among them.

As I said in my latest Powerbeats Pro article, I thought they would be much better suited to my wife, as Apple's current earphone design just doesn't work for her. They are not very comfortable for longer use, and they tend to fall out of her ears. I have also heard the same complaints from others. Therefore, it was smart on Apple's part to put the same chips and user-friendliness of AirPods into some of the most important Beats products. This gave users who did not care about their bid design some good options.

However, the former Beats wireless knobs and phones do not have the same winning combination of being both truly portable and fully wireless. That's what makes Powerbeats Pro a big step forward on the Beats page. They have full parity with AirPods in features and also offer richer sound, more stability and greater durability. This is why I thought my wife would love them and I was right.

Although I still need to do some testing myself, I went ahead and handed them over to Friday night. I wanted to make sure she loved them since we were leaving for a week-long holiday next Friday. If she didn't like them, it would give me enough time to complete them before exchanging them for something else. But now I know, and no return will be necessary. In fact, I might have to write on them based on what she tells me, because I don't think I'll get them back, and that's just fine with me.

I've heard some of you complain about the design of AirPods over the last couple of years and since my own wife has the same problems, I understand where you come from. That's why I'm writing about this today. If you are an Apple user and love the features and functionality of AirPods but just can't handle the shape, you should take a look at Powerbeats Pro.

Yes, they are more expensive. But from a practical, durability and sound quality perspective, I think they are a worthy start-up. In fact, even though I love my AirPods, I'm a bit jealous of the richer, fuller sound. But I think AirPods is still better suited for the way I use them at work. First world problems, right?

Finally, I am more excited that I nailed this gift than anything else. It's always fun when you really knock it out of the park with a gift that your significant other loves and wants to use on a daily basis. I will be happy every time I see her wearing them.

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