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Prime Day deals show AirPods at $ 115

Prime Day is all about deals, and there’s nothing better than getting a wired charge of AirPods for $ 45 off.

Today, Apple AirPods with charging case (wired) are down to just $ 114.99 from the original price of $ 160 on Amazon. There’s a huge discount on one of the most popular cordless earphones ever made.

Apple AirPods

If you have an iPhone, nothing beats a pair of AirPods. Instant connectivity and ease of use is a convenient convenience, as is Siri support. You can have your voice assistant announce your messages and more with a connected device.

The addition of an H1 chip provides high-quality, low-latency wireless connectivity, and each charge lasts up to 24 hours with AirPods and the included charging bag.

Experience AirPods today if you haven̵

7;t already, or take an extra pair as a backup. Either way, you save about $ 50 on Apple’s latest wireless earphones.

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