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Prime Day Lightning Deal: $ 50 iTunes / App Store Gift Certificates for $ 40

If you're an iOS, macOS, or tvOS user via iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV, and you regularly use some of the App Stores running these platforms, that's why you want to save money on any purchases . This Prime Day Lighting Deal will give you these savings immediately!

Anyone who buys and downloads apps, games, books, music, TV shows or even movies from Apple's iTunes platform or tvOS / macOS / iOS App Stores,

You can find yourself opening the app store, finding a game you want, downloading it and then navigating through a path of interesting apps and games that you just have to buy. Similarly, if you want to download music to your device, Apple does a pretty good job of making more recommendations that can cost you more money. There is definitely where a discount on some App Store and iTunes gift cards could come in handy.

And yes, you guessed it, we would not just bother you with such a thing without being able to follow through and allow you to save money. Right now, as part of Amazon's Prime Day Lightning Deals, it is possible to purchase a gift certificate from iTunes and the App Store, and only share with $ 40.00 for that luxury.

That means you will have a $ 50.00 iTunes Gift Card and you will only be asked to share with $ 40.00 to own that code. It's an instant $ 10 win that gives you a sense of joy and happiness when you look back and look at the latest episode of your favorite TV show or current hottest movie on iTunes and know you didn't have to pay full price .

However, these agreements come with some limitations. Mainly the fact that there is a limited number to be had and it is offered on a first come first served basis. So if you are a regular shopper in Apple's iTunes and App Store ecosystems and you want to make the most of your money, move on to the Prime Day Lighting Deal right now and grab your storage as you can .

Buy: $ 50 App Store and iTunes Gift Certificate from Amazon: $ 40 Original Price: $ 50

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