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Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals 2020

The Nintendo Switch has been very successful and has sold over 55.77 million units worldwide. Honestly, this is not surprising considering the hybrid console of the console, which allows the system to be played either on the TV or on the go. The long list of hits already released on the gaming system, combined with the knowledge that several long-awaited Switch games are currently under development, also makes the Nintendo Switch a great buy.

Last year, the Japanese gaming company released the Nintendo Switch Lite, a smaller handheld version of the original switch. It has a few limitations such as not having a kickstand and lacks motion controls, but it usually sells for around $ 1

00 cheaper than the original console, making it a good budget purchase.

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As with many other products on the market, video games increased demand shortly after the pandemic came to the United States. For this reason, many consoles, games and accessories are missing on Amazon or priced higher than usual. Best Buy is currently selling the Nintendo Switch at the regular price if you want one right now, but we think these consoles will see a significant price drop on Amazon Prime Day.

Best Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals

Prime Day is not upon us yet, so the best Nintendo Switch deals will probably not show up for a bit. However, a few things have emerged in the meantime, including offers on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, controllers and games. Take a look.

Nintendo’s hybrid system lets you play your favorite games while docked to a TV or anywhere you want in handheld mode. The removable Joy-Cons make it incredibly easy for multiplayer games just about anywhere.

$ 300 on Amazon

This smaller, compact switch only works in handheld mode and comes in four different colors. It’s the perfect budget option for anyone planning to play single player titles on the go.

$ 200 at Amazon

Mario Kart 8 is the best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch and with good reason. It is a playful racer that appeals to both children and adults. This excellent package packs the hit title with a Nintendo Switch to give you a head start on your gaming experiences.

$ 470 on Amazon

Having an extra set of Joy-Cons allows more people to participate in multiplayer games. These special devices have rumble, motion controls, and they slide on each side of the Nintendo Switch console.

$ 87 at Amazon

PowerA offers some of the best third-party Nintendo Switch controllers out there. They are powered by two AA batteries and have both motion controls and rumble. In addition, there are dozens of colors to choose from. Some even have popular characters like Mario, Link or Pikachu.

$ 45 at Amazon

This turn-based strategy game is a collaboration between Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Nintendo’s Mario Bros. franchise. It tends to be sold just about every Prime Day at a very low price.

$ 29 at Amazon

Explore a LEGO version of the DC universe while playing as your favorite people. You even get to customize a super-villain at the beginning of the game. This game is almost always on sale on Prime Day for super cheap.

$ 25 on Amazon

Breath of the Wild er the characteristic RPG for Nintendo Switch. Explore the ruined land of Hyrule at your own pace as you work to defeat the evil Calamity Ganon and restore peace. This game rarely deviates from the $ 60 price point, but it does tend to see a small dip in the price around Prime Day.

$ 60 at Amazon

These are the best-selling Pokémon games of all time. You travel around the UK-inspired Galar region capturing Pokémon and fighting against training leaders to prove that you are the best trainer of them all. Some Pokémon are exclusive to Sword, while others are exclusive to Shield, so you have to trade with a buddy to get them all. It is possible these games will be sold during Prime Day.

  • $ 59 for Pok√©mon Sword on Amazon

  • $ 50 for Pok√©mon Shield at Amazon

New Horizons has sold over 22 million copies worldwide in just a few months. Manicure your own tropical island by harvesting fruit, upgrading your house and inviting new pet residents to your village. Given how successful it has been this year, we would not be surprised to see it sold out during Prime Day.

$ 50 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite: What Should I Get?

Whether you are going to get the original Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite really comes down to which games you want to play and how you intend to use the game system.

The Nintendo Switch can be played anywhere in handheld mode, has a stand for table mode and can even dock to the TV. It also has detachable Joy-Cons, which can be turned sideways and used as two separate controllers for multiplayer games. It’s the perfect option for both single player titles and game nights. In addition, Joy-Cons has rumblings and motion controls for more immersive games, and enhances your throughput of the best Nintendo Switch games.

The Nintendo Switch Lite does not have kickstand, motion controls, rumble, detachable Joy-Cons, nor the ability to be played on TV. This limits it to being a handheld device best suited for solo play. Since there are no motion controls, certain games will not work as well on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Although you can buy separate Joy-Cons and a playground if you want to make it easier to play with others. If you think you just want to play while on the go, this is the cheaper option to go with.

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