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Problems with heart rate display: AppleWatch

Hi all,

I have a problem that came up late and could not find a solution or a similar problem that was posted earlier.

Apple Watch 4 (6.2.8) iPhone 8 (13.6.1) Polar H10 HRM and strap paired for iPhone

My problem is that the BPM reading does not show any data when I use my watch in Outdoor Run mode. When I put on my chest strap (moistened), I can use the heart rate function to confirm that it works (watch your wrist), but when I start an outdoor run, it only shows the hyphens on my watch throughout the workout. When the training is completed, the Activity app will display the heart rate data for that training, so it works somewhat. If I use Outdoor Walk, the heart rate data is displayed in real time on the watch. I use the watch around a sweatband when I run, so it should only extract data from HRM.

I guess I can only use outdoor walk mode, but still seems a little weird. I had not experienced this issue until a couple of weeks back, so I guess it was from a recent iOS or WatchOS update.

I disconnected and restarted each of my devices a couple of times to try to fix it.

Anyone have a similar problem?

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