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Proscenic is rolling out the M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner with its iOS app – Apple World Today

The robot vacuum includes a large dust container and a water tank, so users can choose to sweep, mop or sweep and mop synchronously. Just click on the water tank and wet the mop cloth to use the mopping function

M7 has a 17.7 cm suction intake, powered by 2700 Pa with maximum force to remove dust and dirt from hard floors or to pull out dirt and hair that is trapped deep in the carpet. With three choices of suction power, the M7 Pro meets different cleaning requirements on different surfaces, according to the people at Prosenic.

In addition, the robot vacuum will automatically increase the suction power to the maximum mode when a carpet is detected, to ensure thorough cleaning. When the robot vacuum cleaner leaves the carpet, it will return to the previous suction mode.

Using the Proscenic Home app (available on the Apple App Store), the M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can store more than one map, so multi-storey maps can be stored on the app. The first floor is cleared when the robot cleans the second floor. The house is divided into several regions by the robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning, and users can choose a specific room to clean, or select several rooms to be cleaned. You can also schedule different cleaning times for different rooms

Zone cleaning is another function that can be used for cleaning in a specific room or area by simply dragging the cleaning frame on the map to the specified zone. Prohibited zones can be set by dragging the frame on the app for those places where users do not want the robot vacuum cleaner to go. Up to 1

0 non-speed zones for a cleaning cycle can be set. The forbidden areas are also saved for the next session.

Equipped with a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, the M7 Pro provides an operating time of up to 150 minutes; it will automatically recharge when the battery runs low, and continue cleaning where it left off until the job is completed.

M7 Pro is able to climb in height on a 2 cm step. When mopping, the efficient Y-shaped cleaning path enables a triple pass.

The Proscenic M7 Pro also works with an intelligent dust collector (available separately) that allows the device to automatically remove dust from the robot’s dust container.

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