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Puffin Cloud Browser in the App Store

Not sure what happened to my review .. but anyway.

Devs stated that accidental connection loss was resolved in this release. But it continues to occur as often as before. The only thing I have not experienced is accidental freezing since this update (so thanks for that)

Too long to write about my review. Short version, puffin used to be my most absolute favorite reader. But for a long time now it has been problematic. I can not write pages or posts with it because it constantly loses the connection and reloads the page, and loses everything I have written. (My connection is stable)

Emailed support, they said they were doing something to fix it. Not different unfortunately. I am very disappointed with the puffin. I can not say that there is a browser I can use that is reliable anymore.

Not to mention that it removed features in some previous updates and never left them back. Like the ability to manually bring a game pad to the screen. Now it is limited to just blinking.
There were some uses for manually bringing it up for certain pages.

Watching something related to puffins is a job due to the frequent side loads and the fact that you lose your progress. Downloading a file is no problem.

I miss the old puffin …

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