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PurePort is the all-in-one cleaning multitool for iPhones and iPads

Some of the most frustrating of modern smartphones is the fact that they do not last as long as we want them. Not everyone will buy a new phone every year or two. Instead, some would prefer to have their phones for years.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to hold onto a long-term phone, and a new device called PurePort aims to help iOS device owners keep their devices running for a long time by making it easy to Keep the charging ports and other parts of the unit clean and free of debris.

What makes PurePort stand out?

There are a few things that make this multitool worth your attention. It is pretty little for the number of features it offers. It has a total of seven different tools designed to clean all important parts of an iPhone or iPad. The device is round and you simply rotate it to access the special tool you need.

Four different tools are included for cleaning the interior of a lightning gate, which tends to be filled with debris such as dust, pet hair and other such cords. PurePort contains two tools for cleaning and restoring the contacts on the light cables themselves, which tend to get the black marks on them. Finally, a tool designed to clean the speakers.

I have two dogs at my house, and I actually had problems with my iPhone charging. I brought it to the Apple Store to fix it, and it turned out that the Lightning port was just dirty. After a good cleaning, it charged as it did when it was new. With that in mind, this tool definitely seems like something I would have enjoyed owning.

PurePort Availability

Kate Swinnerton, creator of PurePort, is seeking funding for this new cleaning tool on Kickstarter. The project started with a modest funding target, and it has far surpassed it since then. If everything goes according to plan, PurePort multitools will be delivered to support persons in November 2019.

If you are interested in ordering a PurePort for yourself, you can reserve one for $ 26.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns , you can be risk involved in backing up PurePort. Although the goal has already been met and Kickstarter is trying to make the creators more honest

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