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Quick Open – Andrew Fang

Andrew Fang - Quick Open artwork

Shortcuts (quick opening)

Andrew Fang

Genre: Productivity

Release Date: January 1

3, 2016

Quickly open your favorite tabs using shortcuts!

Open apps directly from the lock screen using the shortcut module, or Haptic tap the app icon to jump into your favorite taps.

Currently has shortcuts to:
-App Store
-Phone (select a contact to make a quick call)
(third party)
-Air mail
-Alien Blue
-Amazon Music
-Amazon Video
-Capital One
-Cloud Magic
-Day one
-Dr. Wallet
-Facebook Messenger
-Facebook paper
-Google Calendar
-Google Chrome
-Google Disk
-Google Gmail
-Google Hangouts
-Google Inbox
-Google Maps
-Google Maps Navigate Home
-Google voice
-Google Voice Search
-iHeart Radio
-I translate
-LinkedIn Sales Navigator
-Office lens
-A Note
-Pokemon Go
-Remote control
-Scanner Pro
-Squared cash
-What’s up
-Yahoo Finance
-Yahoo Be
-YouTube Music
– 即刻
– 得到
– 贴 贴 吧
– 盯 盯

© © Andrew Fang

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