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Quick Review: Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive

External hard drives are quite passable these days. Go into any reseller that sells peripherals and you want dozens to choose from. And while shuttle services make sharing files and backup data relatively easy, portable drives have a place where connectivity is limited. Seagate Backup Plus Slim is a lightweight drive that marks all the mobile backup and storage boxes.

What is it?

Backup Plus Slim is a lightweight, portable hard drive. The attractive cabinet houses a capacity of 2TB drive that provides plenty of storage space for your files or for backing up your system on the go.

Although it doesn't boast an SSD, it works well and worked perfectly with the MacOS and Windows 1

0 systems I tested it with.


Size and Weight 114.8 x 78 x 11.7 mm, Compatibility Compatibility Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
Connection [19659007] USB 3 with included USB-A cable What's good? ?

Seagate has been on the portable hard drive game for a very long time and it shows. There is nothing fancy about Backup Plus Slim, because something else has been trimmed away. You just plug in the device and are ready for use. I tested the 2TB version.

Mac users who do not plan to share the drive with Windows users will probably format the drive into a Mac-specific format.

Set up a new hard drive for my Mac

A few weeks ago, I released my reliable but aging Mac mini for a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. I spend more and more time traveling these days and while I can get away with an iPad for many tasks, there are times when I really need a "proper" computer. But one of the problems is that my budget does not extend to a 2TB SSD that added another $ 1800 to the price tag. So it meant looking for an external storage solution. Here's what I bought and how I set it up.

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Performance was solid without being spectacular. The internal drive is a 5400RPM dual-disc hard drive, so if you're looking for blazing performance, something with an SSD might be a better choice. But for backup, some file sharing and large file content when traveling, it's a good choice.

Seagate has gathered a two month membership to Adobe Creative Photography Plan, as well as backup software.

What's bad?

I really only had one problem with Backup Plus Slim. It comes with a USB-A cable. Given that many laptops have gone on and only have USB-C ports which means you either need an adapter or need the source of a USB 3 Standard A to USB-C cable. Life would be easier if Seagate used USB-C on the drive, instead of USB 3 Standard A, and supplied both USB-A and USB-C cable.

Fortunately, I had a USB 3 Standard A for USB-C cable in my kit.

There is also no integrated hardware encryption. So, you need to use software-based encryption if you're security-conscious.

Should you buy it

If you are looking for a cheap portable backup and storage solution that works well and is easy to set up, you can do worse than the Seagate Backup Plus Slim. It is small, lightweight and delivers decent but not groundbreaking performance.

Backup Plus Slim comes in a variety of colors and costs only $ 88 – which is a pretty good deal in my opinion.

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