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Quick Tip: Closes all Safari tabs at once on an iPhone

One of the most common questions I get from iPhone and iPad users is related to Apple's Safari browser. Especially on the iPhone where there are no visible tabbed web sessions (in other words, you only see one tab at a time), it's quite easy to get dozens or hundreds of tabs open at the same time. Many users find themselves on the tap button, which looks like two overlapping squares, and then scrolls through a long list of open tabs that close them one at a time by pressing the X button. It turns out there is a way to close all these tabs at the same time, and it's so ridiculously easy that you'll find yourself wondering why you never knew how to do this before.

As an example, launch Safari on iPhone and press the tab button once (it is circled in red on the screen below):

  (iPhone tab button, circled in red)

(iPhone button tabs, circled in red.)

Usually What you see is a long, rolling list of stacked open tabs that you can navigate by swiping up or down, opening with a tap on any category, or close with a tab on X (see screenshot below).

  (Part of a long list of open Safari tabs on an iPhone)

(Part of a long list of open Safari tabs on an iPhone.)

If you have hundreds of tabs open, It will take a frustrating time to close them all. Fortunately, today's tip shows how to do it in a few quick cranes. Let's do it.

Touch Done to return to your open tab, and then press and hold the tab button. A pop-up menu appears, giving you four actions to choose from. To close all the latest tabs, just click the top item – "Close all XXX tabs" (see screenshot below).

  (Tabs pop-up menu appears after you press and hold the tab buttons)

(The Add-on menu, which appears after tapping and holding the tab buttons.)

Although iPad users usually don't have trouble Having gazillions of open tabs because they are visible in any browser window, this trick also works on your tablet and is quite useful if you want to close all the tabs at once.

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