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Quick Tip: Make the feeling of Mystifying Emoji

I ❤️ emoji! It is always fun to send messages or (email) to friends who describe how you feel. Maybe you are (happy), or maybe you feel ☹️ (sad), or maybe it's time to take a party. Emoji originated on mobile phones in Japan in 1997, but really caught the last eight years when they became available on smartphones. From the time of publication, there are 1,212 official emoji, and several are created as time goes by. In fact, there are so many emoji that it is sometimes difficult to figure out what it means and it is the subject of today's tip.

Using Safari to Find an Emoji Meaning
Let's say you get a cryptic answer – from a friend in response to your text, and ask if she wants to go to one (another symbol of party) tonight . If you're like me the first time I saw this emoji, you're probably asking "What does that mean?" The first thing you can do is take it emoji, select and copy it, paste it into the Safari search bar and press return. You get the emoji's official name, as well as definitions of what it means (see screenshot below):

  (Paste an emoji in the Safari search field for more information)

(Paste an emoji in Safari search bar for more information )

This is called "Face With One Eyebrow Raised Emoji", and looking at some of the results from Emojipedia shows that it "conveys a wide range of emotions, including suspicion, skepticism, concern, concern, disbelief, and dissatisfaction." Basically Tell your friend that she is not so excited about the concept of going to the party with you. It's time to ask someone else to join!

Safari and the search engine you use can also help you if you receive one of the many flags or the emojis symbol in a text. Not many know that it is Burkina Faso's flag

Sometimes I just want people to use words instead of emoji. I once received a response from a Chinese developer who for one reason or another used two emoji – ️ – in a text. This made me even more confused as the first emoji is the Chinese word for "No" (wu) while the other is Chinese for "explain, expand or condition" or can be used as an abbreviation for "3 to 5 PM". Since I asked if the app was free or had purchases in the app, I didn't understand what he was telling me. Shouldn't I contact him between 3-5 o'clock? Fortunately, Safari's search for emojis showed that ️ (mu) can also mean "nothing or at no cost" in Japanese, and that (saru) means "application" in Japanese.

Hopefully, today's tips keep you from being when you are an emoji who is not known!

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