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Recommend Apple Watch or Fitbit: AppleWatch

I'm watching Series 4 or Fitbit Charge 3.

I had the Series 4 for about 6 weeks and sold it because I felt I did not need it and wanted some of my money back. [19659002] After an eye-opening visit to the doctor, I decided to train such an idea as to get something to visualize new exercise habits.

For Apple Watch, I do not care about messages on a watch, but I do it as a quick use of Siri for AppleMusic, reminders, timers etc.

For Fitbit, it's the biggest plus 7-day battery life.

I know this has been posted a lot, but I just want some recommendations or just to hear stories about people who had a Fitbit and went to Apple Watch (and vice versa) and why. I need some motivation!

Thanks in advance and here is a healthier life!

Edit: I know to ask in this section is bias, but I still like everyone's opinion 🙂

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