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Recover your deleted data effectively

My primary device is a MacBook Pro and all important data is stored on it. I also have Time Machine backup enabled on my external HDD. I do not know if the backup for some reason was not properly completed while I was under the wrong impression that my data is secure. When my MacBook worked a little slow, I decided to format it to remove any useless data that I may have accumulated over a long period of time.

As mentioned earlier, I was confident in the Time Machine backup, which was actually not executed properly. By format, I realized that all my data was away from the MacBook and that the Time Machine backup was of no use. Now I realized the seriousness of the situation and decided to get help from an expert for data recovery.

When I asked with a few people, I was shocked to know the prices. So I decided to handle the task on my own. That's when I found Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac. First, I was skeptical of these web tools, as they claim big, but deliver little. Fortunately, the trial version was available, which gave me a good idea of ​​which files I could recover if I purchased a premium version.

 Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

This review is based on my personal experience of recovering deleted data from the MacBook.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

Recovering Files from Anywhere

Whether you have formatted your entire hard drive or just deleted the files to the Recycle Bin, everything can be restored with Stellar Data Recovery Premium. Not only that, the software can recover data from Time Machine, Fusion Drive and also from encrypted drives.

 Stellar Data Recovery Premium File Selection

One thing everyone should know about hard drives is that when you delete something, it still becomes a place on the drive. But if you write about more data over it, the files are extremely difficult to recover. In some cases, it is impossible to retrieve data if the HDD sector was rewritten many times.

 Stellar MacBook Data Recovery Software

So if you have deleted any data, it is better to run Stellar Data Recovery software as soon as possible before installing or removing anything from the drive.

 Stellar Data Recovery file preview

Repairing corrupted photos and videos

When I recovered the data from my Mac, I realized that a few pictures and videos were restored, but they did not open. Maybe they were destroyed. I had read about many Data Recovery tools from many different companies, but none of them had any special feature to repair broken photos or videos.

One of the reasons for using Stellar Data Recovery Premium was its ability to repair damaged images and videos. It has an exclusive option on the main screen for it. You can fix unopened images or if they are distorted or blurred after recovery.

Likewise, you can repair videos that can be played, blurred, frozen, grainy or not synchronized with the sound. I didn't have many videos, but one of my favorite videos was repaired using this feature.

 Stellar Data Recovery Repair Video

Cannot find volume to recover data from deleted partition

As its name suggests, Can & # 39; t find Volume is a feature that scans millions of sectors on the storage drive and restores data even from a deleted partition. Although the drive is encrypted, Stellar Data Recovery Premium can effectively recover data. Not only that, you can also scan external HDD or USB drive by using the tool to undo lost data.

Restoring the entire partition

Stellar Data Recovery is not limited to restoring files or repairing pictures and videos; It is quite powerful to completely recover deleted partition. Whether it's APFS or HFS Mac partitions, you can restore the entire partition using the app. With it, you also retrieve all the data stored on that partition before it was deleted.

Disk Monitoring

In my case, I was the one who formatted the hard drive and lost all of my data. But that is not always the case. Sometimes hard drives get bad sectors, or the temperature rises to levels that destroy the entire hard drive. In such cases, you do not have a chance to back up important data.

 MacBook Drive Checking Using Stellar Data Recovery

This is when the Stellar Data Recovery Premium Disk Monitoring feature helps. It helps you monitor Mac's boot disk temperature, partitions, and S.M.A.R.T status. It also makes it possible to check bad blocks on boot media. All of these features allow you to get an idea of ​​possible hard disk crashes and purchase enough time to back up important data to an external storage device.

 Clone Macbook Pro User Stellar Data Recovery


As mentioned earlier, you can download Stellar Data Recovery Premium on your Mac for free and perform the scan. However, the free version will display files smaller than 10MB in size. But it will give you a good idea if you can recover the data using the tool or not. If you are convinced, you can choose to purchase a license from available options.

  • One Year System – $ 99.99
  • Three Year One System – $ 199

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Hard Drives and SSDs are durable enough and do not crash easily. At the same time, we cannot completely exclude the possibility. It is always recommended to keep a cloud backup of important files. But if accidents happen, Stellar Data Recovery Premium is there to help you. Try the free version and see it for yourself.

Did you ever lose data on your Mac? What did you do to restore it? Share your experience in the comments. Make sure to get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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