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Reference leak tells us how fast iPhone 12 will be – BGR

  • Apple unveiled the iPhone 12s A14 Bionic chip in mid-September, revealing that the 5nm processor will also power the new iPad Air. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 series in the coming weeks.
  • An early reference test indicates that the A14 Bionic will be noticeably faster than the A13 processor for the iPhone 11.
  • The test indicates that the A14 Bionic will not match any processors Android vendors used for flagships and mid-range phones this year.

Apple held its regular press conference in mid-September, but there was nothing unusual about it. First of all, it was a virtual event streamed online due to the raging coronavirus pandemic. Most importantly, this mid-September event was not about the iPhone. Apple introduced new iPads, new watches and new subscription services at the show. Surprising was also Apple̵

7;s announcement of the iPhone 12 processor at the show. Apple may not have mentioned the iPhone 12 by name, but the A14 Bionic certainly got a proper introduction. This is the word’s first 5nm chip that gets power to a smartphone, and it happens so that it will power Apple’s iPad Air tablet that was announced on the show. However, the iPad Air model has not shipped to buyers. Some speculated that Apple would launch the new iPad Air when the iPhone 12 is official, and said that Apple can keep the A14 Bionic under wraps until then. But a benchmark for the Geekbench Browser was found online a few days ago, revealing what kind of performance the A14 Bionic is capable of, and teasing that the iPhone 12 release is imminent.

That was the Samsung inside Isunivers who posted A14’s Geekbench 5 points online this weekend:

The results say that the tested device is iPad13.2, which runs iOS 14.0.1 on a six-core ARM processor clocked at 2.99 GHz and 4 GB RAM. The unit received 1583 in single-core tests and 4198 in multi-core tests.

A14 Bionic
An early A14 Bionic reference shows the expected performance of the iPhone 12 and iPad Air processor. Image Source: Geekbench Browser

These results make the A14 Bionic noticeably faster than its predecessors, including the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11 series and the A12 Bionic from the iPhone XS. When Apple unveiled the A14, it compared the performance to the A12 version that powered the previous iPad Air generation. This allowed some experts to speculate on what the speed gain is in relation to the A13 Bionic.

iPhone 11
Geekbench 5 points: iPhone XS vs. iPhone 11. Image source: Geekbench

These points surpass everything else in the industry by a significant margin. This is how the Galaxy S20 5G’s Snapdragon 865 processor works against the iPhone 11 in Geekbench 5 tests.

Galaxy S20 5G vs.  iPhone 11
Geekbench 5 points: Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11. Image source: Geekbench

Pixel 4 makes it even worse than iPhone 11, with its Snapdragon 855 processor. It will not be a battle for the iPhone 12.

Pixel 4 vs.  iPhone 11
Geekbench 5 points: Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11. Image source: Geekbench

Pixel 5 shakes a piece that can surpass Pixel 4 slightly after optimizations. But medium-sized Snapdragon 765G-powered phones, such as the Pixel 5, OnePlus Nord and Motorola Edge, will be significantly slower than the iPhone 12 phones.

Motorola Edge vs iPhone 11
Geekbench 5 points: Motorola Edge vs. iPhone 11. Image source: Geekbench

That said, it’s not just the processor speed that matters in real tests. Android handset manufacturers managed to compensate for the lack of power by increasing the amount of RAM on the flagship devices. The iPhone can load apps faster than Android phones, but extra RAM on Android devices has its advantages, so the phones can store more apps than the iPhone in memory.

Android vendors will only launch their first phones powered by 5 nm processors next year, when the Snapdragon 875 rolls out.

A14 Bionic
Apple’s A14 Bionic chip features were unveiled at the Time Flies press event. Image source: Apple Inc.

Apple is expected to announce the next virtual press conference soon, where the iPhone 12 series will be unveiled. Several rumors have it that Apple will hold its annual iPhone event on October 13 this year, at which time the company is likely to introduce the A14 Bionic and all the upgrades. As shown above, Apple already explained several of the A14 Bionic innovations that customers can expect.

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