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Reminder – Smart schedule: iOS programming

I’m happy to launch my latest app in the App Store. Before I started building the app, I asked myself and my friends, how often do you forget to do something? And yes, we forget to do many things every day or weekly. EReminder is meant to be as simple as possible and useful for all kinds of people! I hope this app will help you remember everything in time! Any suggestions for improving the app, or any programming things you are interested in, please contact me via direct message or email!


– Reminders sync with your iPhone calendar, shared with AppleWatch and Macbook.

1; Repeat notification at regular intervals such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
– Get notification right on time or be notified earlier.
– A rich reminder with title, description, color marking and up to 20 images per reminder.
– Reminders are sorted by Due Day, for example today, tomorrow, overdue, etc.
– When you add a quick reminder, it will automatically suggest time while writing the reminder text.
– A list of reminders of incoming, finished and missed.
– Great alert options, like Snooze reminder for 10 minutes.
– You profile with a notebook to store everything you forgot, a special place to store your email address and phone number and share it in seconds when you need it.

Everything about app pattern or UI components, please DM me!


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