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Review: Adonit Note-UVC Stylus

I love when a product I have considered gets better. Example of the Adonit note. I have recently reviewed it and I will not cover all the details because much of these observations remain. Instead, I will focus on what is new or different with Adonit Note-UVC ($ 69.99) that Adonit sent me to try.

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First, the company has actually removed some features. The UVC version is only sold in black with gold accents instead of gold with black accents. Secondly, Adonit removed the pen clip that I have appreciated as it holds the pen in place, but there is a valid reason to remove the clip. Instead, the pen now has an actual UV light to disinfect surfaces!

Lately, everyone is very dutiful in cleaning their phones, tablets and other surfaces ̵

1; as they should be. While you could find, buy and carry a dedicated device to do just that, Adonit Note – UVC adds that feature for just $ 20 more, and it does not take up extra space in your gadget bag. With a device to charge, you get a nice pen and a UV disinfectant.

Charging is via a micro-USB port on the back of the pen. A nice advantage of this is that you can charge it while using it. UV disinfectant draws a lot of power, so it only lasts for thirty minutes (thirty one-minute sessions are suggested), so this is not meant as something to sanitize the doctor’s office. But it should be fine for the office or home work area. Another nice feature is a built-in gyroscope that detects when the UV light turns up and turns it off to protect your eyes.


  • Nice stylus for half the price of Apple Pencil
  • Interchangeable tip
  • Easy to charge even during use
  • Palm rejection
  • Adds UV light with automatic sensing for safety


  • UV light lasts for thirty minutes
  • Foreges clips to make room for UV light
  • Does not use micro-USB, not USB-C or lightning

Final verdict

Adonit Note – UVC is a nice, healthy upgrade that is still priced less than an Apple Pencil.


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