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Review: BlueDriver Pro Scan Tool

I own several cars, and even though I’m not a mechanic, I like to be able to see what’s happening to them. When I get the generic “Check Engine Light”, I want to know if I really need to take it in for service. I was excited to try BlueDriver Pro Scan Tool ($ 99.95), and when I did, I realized it was a game changer.

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You just connect the BlueDriver to the car̵

7;s OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) port, which is available to all car owners. The hardest part is finding it on your car, but it’s probably under the steering column. Search for your car model on YouTube, and add the keyword OBD2 to see exactly where to find it. Once you have done that, connect the BlueDriver and it will receive power from the port. Then run the free companion app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and pair the device via Bluetooth.

BlueDriver sensor

Now you will be able to take snapshots of the car’s status and generate reports. It’s not just “just reading”; simple errors can be reset. For example, if your mechanic forgot to reset the oil change sensor, you can do so! Or the most common mistake for me is that the gas cap is not completely sealed, and lets in some air, which throws off the sensor and triggers a Check Engine Light. For some reason this happened a lot when I had a Saab.

The BlueDriver app

The app is quite straightforward and easy to use. The device itself is durable, and I have run with it connected, but you may want to remove it when not in use. I forgot it and took my car in for details, and they always pull out the plug and put it somewhere (cup holder, glove compartment, etc.) without telling me! I have also used it for friends and family when they receive Check Engine Light, so you can share the cost and value with several others if you choose to do so.


  • Easy to use, decent app
  • Not only to display errors, but also to correct and disable alerts
  • Lasting
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Takes snapshots and generates reports that you can share with mechanics or save for later
  • For iPhone, iPad and Android


  • The only difficult part is finding the OBD2 port in your car

Final verdict

For more insight into your car’s sensors and alerts, the BlueDriver Pro Scan Tool is part of your garage.

5 star review


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