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Review: InvisibleShield Device Desinfecting Wipes by Zagg

We all try to stay healthy, and one way to protect yourself is to clean things you touch often, especially your smartphone. The people at Zagg, owners of InvisibleShield, among others, have sent alcohol wipes with screen protectors, so it was a no-brainer to offer Disinfectant wipes (from $ 4.99) on their own.


They are sold in packs of 1

0, 25 or as many as 500. At these sizes, the unit price is $ 0.50, $ 0.40 and $ 0.14, respectively. Since you will probably want to clean your phone and other household phones at least every day, most people will find that the largest package will prove to be the best deal. You can also use the cloths to clean remote controls, keys, headphones and other non-porous surfaces, so you are unlikely to see any cloths being unused. At its small size, about a square meter, you can have one in your pocket, some in your car and a few in a household drawer to ensure you are always prepared.

I could also see companies placing the large size box in public areas as break rooms to encourage employees to disinfect their phones. It is important to keep your family and employees healthy, and this is an easy way to do it. They are a nice companion to InvisibleShield’s antibacterial glass screen protector, and InvisibleShield promises 70% cloths with isopropyl alcohol will not remove the antimicrobial layer of the screen protector.


  • Simple, small and easy to carry
  • Available in sizes 10, 25 and 500 packs
  • Affordable in high volume
  • Reliable brand


  • Expensive at low volume

Final verdict

Disinfectant wipes from InvisibleShield by Zagg are an easy way to keep your phone clean and healthy.


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