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Review: Mophie Power Station PD provides high speed and flexibility

If you are like me, you hear the name Mophie and think of their iPhone cases with built-in batteries. So I was intrigued when the company sent me power station PD (starting at $ 59.95) . These are stand-alone power supplies, about the size of the mini-cards, which have both USB-A and USB-C ports. The package itself is charged via USB-C to USB-C (including cable), but you need your own A / C brick or laptop with a USB-C connector. They also sent me a USB-C to lightning cable, so you might want to add one of them, especially because the iPhone will recharge much faster when the source is a USB-C device like Mophie Power Station.

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Power supply is surprisingly compact and lightweight. Mophie makes some models with capacities of up to 35 hours of battery life, and there is even a Qi-based wireless charging model. The various connections, and Qi, make it future-proof when Apple is already sending a USB-C powered iPad, and the iPhone is expected to follow. However, there are competing power packs with integrated microUSB and lightning cables and even A / C wall terminals.



  • Compact and light
  • Fast charge with 35 plus battery life
  • ] USB-C and USB-A ports
  • Wireless option
  • Future-proof

Cons [19659007] Cables not integrated
  • Must be charged via USB-C
  • Final judgment

    Power Station PD from Mophie must meet your portable power needs, now and in the future.


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