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Review of CV – MacNN Forums

It is nice to have the opportunity to review CVs for hiring. I remember the day I sent CVs to companies, and I was thinking about how to format my CV, what to bring, and which buzzwords to add in.

Now I'm reviewing my resume in my company and that's interesting to see what other people include. Many people have different styles inside and many people include unique words such as "mushy appetite" to show their enthusiasm in the matter. Some people send CVs for positions for which they are not least qualified.

It is also nice to have different requirements that I can ignore any resume. Some candidates have worked for different companies for more than 8 months, which I ignore, or too many styles for this "edit job" that the job requires. Some do not even read the job description of which forms to submit and do not qualify, despite having an otherwise strong resume.

Any CV stories to share?

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