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Review of Hitcase iPhone lenses for macro and wide angle photography

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality iPhone lenses for macro or wide-angle photography? If so, Hitcase iPhone lenses may be exactly what you are looking for. Read on to find out more about the Hitcase macro, wide and SuperWide lenses … and how they performed when we tested them out.

  hitcase lenses

Hitcase iPhone lenses

Hitcase offers three additional cameras for the iPhone:

  Hitcase lenses

Hitcase lenses feel solid and well made. The lens body is made of anodized aluminum. And the lens itself is glass – unlike some lower quality lenses.

The lenses are anti-reflexive and have anti-scratch coating.

 hit lens

 hitcase lens

With each iPhone lens, you get a cloth bag with integrated lens cloth for cleaning. [19659007] There is also the opportunity to buy a padded bag to carry all three lenses.

 hitcase lenses

Each Hitcase lens cost $ 39.99. Or you can buy all three lenses with the padded case for $ 99.99.

How to attach hitcase lenses to your iPhone

So, how do you attach a Hitcase camera lens to your iPhone?

 hitcase lenses [19659007] You can just mount Hitcase lenses on a Hitcase iPhone case.

There are several case designs – from slimline leather to solid waterproof trunks.

Each Hitcase iPhone lens has both a built-in magnet as well as a screwdriver. .

Most of the Hitcase phone cases allow you to attach the lenses magnetically.

 hitcase lens

The magnetic mounting system definitely has some advantages ts. It is very easy to attach and loosen the lenses. And it's quick to switch between different lenses while shooting.

But the magnetic mount is not as secure as the screw mount. So you have to be careful not to knock the lens while shooting.

 hitcase lens

It's easy to loosen the lens if you tap it. And this can cause it to go into the wrong position or even fall off completely.

For this reason, I would recommend using the Hitcase PRO case ($ 99.99). This case has a screwdriver lens mount so you can attach the lens very securely.

The PRO case is waterproof, so you can take amazing photos underwater!

 hitcase lenses

Now, let's take a look at each of the Hitcase iPhone lenses in more detail …

Macro lens for incredible close-up photography

Want to take amazing close-ups of flower macro images , insects and other small objects?

 hitcase lenses

This 3x magnification macro lens lets you focus at very close distances (12-22mm). So you can capture tiny close-ups that are hard to see with the naked eye.

Some macro lenses from the iPhone suffer from sharp blur around the edges of the image. But the Hitcase macro lens for iPhone has edge-to-edge clarity. And this results in great image quality.

 hitcase lenses

I found it easy to get sharp focus with the Hitcase macro iPhone lens. And it captured the tiny details and textures of my designs.

 hit lenses

And the Hitcase macro lens is definitely one of the best lenses for iPhone macro photography. It produces clear and sharp images with amazing detail.

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Wide lens to get more into the frame

Do you often struggle to fit everything into your image?

This can be especially difficult when photographing landscapes, open spaces or architecture.

If you want to capture a wider field of view with your iPhone camera, the Hitcase Wide lens is perfect.

 hit lenses

It's perfect for landscape and travel photography as you can fit more landscape into your image.

 hitcase lenses [19659007] I took the image above with the Hitcase Wide lens. In comparison, I took the picture below with the built-in iPhone lens.

 hitcase lens

As you can see, you can get much more into the frame with the add-on Wide lens from Hitcase.

The wide lens is also ideal for architectural photography as you can get more of the building into the frame.

 hitcase lenses

In the photo above, the Hitcase Wide lens allowed me to get the whole church into my picture.

In comparison, the image below was shot from the same position without the additional width.

 hit lenses

In some pictures I could see some very slight blur in the corners. But it is hardly noticeable.

One thing you will notice with a wide lens is that straight lines can appear curved.

In the photo below, notice how the sides of the house are curved instead of straight.

 hitcase lenses

SuperWide lens for an extremely wide field of view

The Hitcase SuperWide lens allows you to capture an extremely wide field of view.

19659007]   hitcase lenses

This lens allows you to place a huge amount of the scene in your image.

 hitcase lenses

Ultra-wide lenses give a "fisheye" effect. This is where the image appears to bulge from the center.

With the Hitcase SuperWide lens, the curve of straight lines is very clear.

 hitcase lenses

You don't want this effect for all your shots. But it can definitely produce some interesting and creative results.

While much of the picture has excellent clarity, you will definitely see some blur in the corners.

 hitcase lenses

But this is typical of ultra-wide iPhone lenses. And the clarity is much better than other fisheye lenses I've tried before.

One problem you get with many iPhone fishing eye lenses is dark vignetting around the edge of the image. But you hardly get any vignette with the Hitcase SuperWide lens.

 hitcase lenses

 hitcase lens

The iPhone Case Case Macro lens is perfect for photographing flowers, insects and other small subjects. It produces clear and sharp images at very short distances.

 hit lens [19659129] hit lens without script [1945909] [19459</span> </span> </p>
<p>  The Hitcase wide-angle lens lets you capture more of the scene in a wide-angle shot. It produces good quality images with little or no blur around the edges. </p>
<p>  <span class=  hitcase lens

The Hitcase SuperWide lens lets you capture an even wider field of view. It gives a little blur around the edges. But you hardly get any of the dark vignettes that are so common with this type of fisheye lenses.

 hitcase lenses

Hitcase is definitely among the best lenses for the iPhone. And they offer a wide variety of lens mounting cases.

From the slim CRIO case ($ 19.99) to the waterproof PRO case ($ 99.99), you can choose one that suits your needs.

 hitcase lenses

With this setup you can even experiment with amazing underwater photography!

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