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Review: Pad and Quill Deluxe Traveler Protective Case for iPhone XS Max

Back in October last year, I reviewed Pad and Quill's Bella Fino and Traveler Cases for iPhone XS and XS Max. Pad and Quill sent me the iPhone XS version of travelers just around the time I got my iPhone XS Max. Fortunately, I still had the iPhone X, so I could test it out in a few days before I had to send my old phone back to Apple.

A month ago, Pad and Quill sent me a new Deluxe version of their Traveler Case for the iPhone XS Max, which I have used ever since. After a much more extensive test period I came away and enjoyed travelers even more at a time. Let's take a closer look.

Design and Construction

I will continue to say that Deluxe travelers are exactly the same as the original except for a large addition. This version of the case comes with a card holder on the back, making it a much thinner and easier way to carry an ID or credit card than the Pad and Quill's Bella Fino wallet case.

As for the rest of the case, I will summarize my previous review by saying that travelers' designs are unique among leather iPhone cases. It is 100% leather from the back to the inner lining for the sides that hold the iPhone in the case. If you really like leather, you should take a look at this issue.

Another very unique aspect of the journey is that the pages do not have holes for the power and volume buttons, so you just press them by feeling through the case.

This is definitely different, something I will come to a little.

The case also has a very "broken" look and a handmade aesthetics. The cuts are not quite smooth. The leather seams and edges are ragged, as if the case has been in use for many years. But it works.

I would normally come down on a case that has a small irregularity as a traveler, but this actually fits the intended design of a tee. Imagine, nothing is that far away. There is nothing so solely that it prevents the operation of the phone.

Although they are not extreme, if you are used to cases that are 100% stained, you will notice slight variations. Although I'm for Type A for myself, I still like this design.


The design of the Traveler case works very well in everyday life. I absolutely love the way this case feels in hand, as the broken look extends to how the leather feels. It is soft and the flexibility makes the case very easy to grip and hold.

The broken look also works well in another respect. I ended up with a couple of small scuffs on the back of my case, but as you can see above, they blend straight in thanks to the tour guide's skin. The sporadic scuff or chasm just adds character, so there are no worries there.

While travelers do not have a hard shell, I do not expect any problems with protection at a basic level and have not had anyone during my time testing it. The skin is thick and cordial enough that I'm not worried about a "normal" drop. The sides also extend enough to provide extra screen protection without getting in the way.

When it comes to the new card holder, this version of travelers puts me on top. It adds a little extra benefit to an already very good case. While you're not going to fit too many cards here, it's perfect for certain conditions. For example, if you just want to carry an ID and a single credit card for a night out on the city, travelers are perfect.

This also works well for flights, which you can pack your wallet and just keep what you need with you to go through security and check-in.

In my case, I have used travelers as a business card holder.

I usually keep cards in my laptop backpack, but it is not always there when I am in a meeting or find myself in front of the customer. My iPhone is always with me, so this is a perfect way to make sure I can keep my business cards handy when needed.

There is a problem I had with travelers who are related to the learning pages. While I can always wake up or sleep the iPhone or change the volume up or down when I want without a problem, I have ended up with a number of random screens.

Because there are no holes for the buttons, it is easy to get an accidental pressure when applying pressure near them. It is very easy to do this when you pick up or wake up the phone.


Despite this slight annoyance above, I have been very pleased with Pad and Quill's Deluxe Traveler during my test. The case fits perfectly with the iPhone XS Max and provides basic drop protection on the entire phone. The ability to carry a few cards with me at all times is a perfect cherry on top.

What really sets Deluxe Traveler apart from the typical leather case is its unique design, look and feel. As I said in my previous review, it's totally different from anything else I've ever used. It handles different. It feels different. It definitely makes travelers stand out of the package in a big way. If you love a good leather case but are looking for something a little out of the norm, Pad and Quill's Deluxe Traveler is just the thing.

Deluxe Traveler Protective Case for iPhone XS Max is available from Pad and Quill for $ 49.95.

The Deluxe Traveler Case for iPhone XS Max was provided for review on iPad Insight by Pad and Quill. For more information on the guidelines for our site, see the About page.

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