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Review: Plankster from Stealth Body Fitness

It’s easy to dismiss Plankster ($ 99) from Stealth Body Fitness as a children’s toy if you do not follow. Given the price tag below $ 100, you might think there is something you can get for your kids to keep them busy. But Stealth sent me a review unit to try to tell you that it is a serious piece of exercise equipment despite the fact that it costs less than the VAT on a Peloton! In addition, it exercises several muscle groups. And it does so in a fun, entertaining way, with no membership fee required!

So what is Plankster? It is a durable padded platform resting on a 360 degree rotating ball. You place your forearms on the sides, where the padding is, and place the phone (Apple or Android) against the top of a container that holds just about any phone, even in a sturdy case.


Using their app, you can choose from a range of surprisingly fun and well-designed games that respond to your phone̵

7;s built-in gyroscope. This means that when you move your body and Plankster, you control the character or cursor on the screen. It seems easy, but it can be quite challenging to try to get a good score. You can play the games without Plankster just for fun, but it gets tougher when you have to move your whole body to control the game. It’s a lot like hang gliding (which is actually one of the free games), but instead of slipping and letting the wind do the work, your body gets trained.

The $ 99 model is well-built with comfortable padding, but if you spend $ 50 more, you get a wider plank platform with cushioning throughout the platform and a one-year warranty. Beginners can operate Plankster with their knees bent, on the ground, and then only move on to their toes as they get stronger. Stealth is an appropriate name; It’s a pretty clever and almost misleading way to get someone to exercise just by playing a game with their body as the controller. My only wish would be some form of voice activation so that I could switch between games or restart without having to use my hands. The free games were fine for me, but they offer premium games for a subscription of $ 24.99 per year.


  • High quality interactive games for iOS and Android
  • Exercises several muscle groups
  • Well built, comfortable upholstery
  • Surprisingly fast to learn
  • 360-degree movement


  • Voice activation can help you with app control
  • Premium games only after subscription

Final verdict

Plankster from Stealth Body Fitness is a great way to get started with fitness while playing fun games!


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