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Review: Take control of photos by Jason Snell

  Images For many iPhone users, it would be far more accurate to call an iCamera device because the camera function is used a lot, much more often than the phone function. Photo Sharing Website Flickr, the top five camera models used for uploaded images, are all different models of the iPhone. And while iPad users may use that device far less often to take pictures, it's a great device for reviewing and editing photos thanks to the big, beautiful display. It's enough to say that the Photos app on iPhone and iPad is a pretty important app.

Apple tries to make the Photos app easy to use, but it has a lot of power in what you can not see unless you know what to do look for. Friends and family who know I'm an iPhone down d will often ask me to show them something interesting on their iPhone and there are tons of features that I can show off in Pictures that Impress People Like Memories, Look at Places- the album to see many photos taken in an interesting place over the years and the ability of iOS Images to combine keywords (for example, search for a person's name and then add the keyword "snow" to see only photos of that person in the snow.)

How do you discover all these great features? You need a good guide. And one of the best is Jason Snell. Snell has covered Apple technology as a reporter since the 1

990s, and he has a skill that many good lawyers use to their advantage: the ability to explain complex subjects in simple and friendly terms. Therefore, I love reading articles that Snell writes on their Six Colors website, and I love listening to him on his many podcasts, ranging from content to technology to television shows on a regular basis.

A few days ago Snell released a new ebook called Take control of images. Take control books have been around since 2003 and cover dozens of different topics, all produced with the aim of being "very practical ebooks that cover much more detail than a magazine article, but are shorter, more focused and more timely than a typical printed book. "I was given a free copy of this $ 14.99 book for review, and I read the cover-to-cover last night. I loved this book, and even as someone who considers quite knowledgeable about the inputs and outputs of the Photos app, I learned quite a few tips that I started using right away.

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When you buy the book, you can download it into multiple formats. I found it easiest to just download the PDF version, as I read using the Readdles PDF Expert app. (The gray sketches that you look at The pictures in this review are from me to take a shot shot in PDF Expert, not from the book itself.) You can also download in epub or mobi format if you prefer to use a book reader to read the book. The PDF does not have a password or DRM or something similar, so when you buy it, read virtually any device you want.

This book covers Photo s on both iOS and Mac and you will definitely get the most out of it. out of this book if you use both platforms. (I'm using a PC at work, but I have a Mac at home where I need for example, my 47,000 images.) For example, Snell explains it on iOS (but not Mac) you can use the rich search feature and can see Memory Videos, while on Mac (but not iOS) can create Smart Albums (although Snell allows to create a Smart Album on a Mac and then transfer it to iPhone or iPad). But even if you do not use a Mac, you will still get a lot of this book because the book covers both, and the programs are the same on both platforms.

This book is over 150 pages and covers all The important topics, including importing photos, managing your photo library, navigating the Photos interface, finding and naming people in your photos, using the search function, using the memory function and editing memory videos, create albums, sync with iCloud, edit photos to make them look much better, and share your photos. Each chapter is full of images so you can see exactly what Snell describes – and because he uses his own personal images to view the images app, you will see enough photo of his (attractive) family members as at the end of the book, You feel like you're part of the Snell family, or at least a distant cousin.

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<p>  In addition to going through all the different topics, there are many small page articles about narrow topics, much as you see in a magazine. For example, here is a small article about looking at images on Apple Watch: </p>
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To get a sense of how valuable this book is, I have two recommendations. First, Snell took a chapter of this book discussing how to make books and calendars using photos on a Mac and wrapped it in an article for their six-color website. Now that you can no longer order photo books from Apple, Snell has some great recommendations for what other services you should use so that the article is both useful and a good way to get a feel of the book. Secondly, if you go to the page on the Take Control website for this book, look at the image of the cover of the book on the left and you will see The words "Free trial" on what seems to be a post-it note. Click to download ag enerøs 46-page sample of the book, with full index and choice from many different chapters.

A nice feature in all Take Control books are that the author has the opportunity to update the book after it's published – a good advantage of ebooks over printed books. There is a link you can print on the cover of the book that takes you to a website to let you know if there are any updates available. For example, lately, as Jason published a book about pictures in the beginning of 2015, it was originally called Photos for Mac – A Take Control Crash Course. Here was my review. Then he updated the book this autumn when Apple updated the Mac operating system. Then he updated the book again in September 2016, and changed the title of Photos: A Take Control Crash Course and included both iOS and Mac. So after spending $ 10 in early 2015, I received two major updates for the next and a half year.

This is a brand new book on Pictures – part of the full Take Control series, not just a crash course. It's twice as long as Snell's previous book, and this new book covers all the latest changes in Photos on both Mac and iOS. Thus, if you bought the previous book in the beginning of 2015, this is a new book to buy, but considering everything you get, it's quite cheap at $ 15. And maybe this book will also get updates that Snell's last book on Photos did .

I can pretty much guarantee that if you buy this book, you will learn a lot more about using the Photos app on iPhone and iPad, and on your Mac if you have one of these. Thus, unless you are the rare iPhone user who does not take pictures, I think most people would like to read this book and find it very useful.

Click here to get pictures of Jason Snell ($ 14.99) [19659018]
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