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Review: This SolarBAG Solar backpack can charge your equipment

How many times do you find yourself without power and without a nearby outlet? Well, if you are walking in a sunny area, you have a nice and neat alternative. In fact, my daughter will be backpacking in South Africa this summer, so I was excited when I received Solar Backpack ICONIC ($ 119.90) from SunnyBAG. It is a backpack with a solar panel built into the outside.

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The panel is somewhat flexible and a testament to how well solar panel technology has advanced lately. It looks like an integrated design element and not a nerdy addition. It even slips if it needs to be replaced. Inside the backpack, there are many internal business cards, a laptop and iPad, and all the cables and equipment you may need. Several rooms have a zipper or padding, so you can really optimize storage. Still, it doesn't look clumsy, thanks to its elegant design and quality materials in two color options, Cool Gray or Olive Brown. Backpackers will appreciate the comfortable straps and padding.

One concern I have is that there is no battery included. The solar panel is connected to a USB-A female port. The idea is that you supply your own Lightning cable and charge your phone or tablet. I would recommend that you connect a portable battery, at your own expense, so the battery is always charged, so you can connect one or more Lightning (or microUSB or USB-C) cables to that battery pack. This way, the battery pack can be charged through the sun while you may be using your phone or tablet without tether, and then plug in the battery pack, perhaps at night, without worrying about the sun's availability.


  • Beautiful design
  • Numerous internal rooms
  • Quality materials in two color choices
  • Solar panel clean integrated
  • Comfortable straps and padding
  • 7 watt power and can charge a smartphone in two hours off direct sunlight


  • No battery included
  • Need to buy from Amazon, USA

Final judgment

To keep your gear powered, off-grid, Solar Backpack ICONIC from SunnyBAG, combined with your Your own battery pack is a great option.


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