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Review: Tranya T10 wireless earphones

The audio accessory company Tranya has constantly expanded its product catalog with a wider selection of wireless earbuds. The company has recently released a new design, the Tranya T1

0 ($ 79.95). Has Tranya made a huge improvement on Trania’s previously released Rimor model that I reviewed last year? Read on to find out.

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Currently the most expensive model in Trania’s catalog, the IP107 wireless T10 earbuds are waterproof and dustproof, and Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. They have 12 mm graphene drivers to deliver deep bass sound reproduction in a small package. The earplugs can provide up to seven hours of playing time before they need to be charged. If you’re on the go, a fast charge (10 minutes) charges the batteries for about an hour via the 480 mAh Qi-wireless USB-C-compatible USB-C charging case. The wireless earphones can be operated via the standard touch-based controls for play / pause, next / previous track, volume up / down, answer / end call, and they even offer the option to select synchronization or mono operation mode.

Tranya T10 earplugs

In addition to the earplugs and charging bag, the T10 pack also includes a short USB-C charging cable, three separate earplug sizes and the standard booklet guide.

Like the Rimor model, the construction quality is almost completely hard plastic, which makes them durable, but quite cheap to wear. In terms of costs, this deterioration in material quality is expected, but still noticeably noticeable. While these earplugs suffer from the same chemical aroma that eventually enters your sinuses, it is nowhere near as overwhelming as the Rimor model. Still, I can not help but be worried about what kind of long-term effect this by-product of the production has on the listener.

In terms of sound, there is noticeably more bass compared to the Rimor model, but the microphone still makes the caller sound thin and compressed. Perhaps a future model will not only improve the production materials, but also focus on the quality of microphone-captured sound.


  • Lasting
  • Deep sounding earplugs
  • IPX7-certified waterproof and dustproof design
  • Fast charging bag
  • Comparably cheap


  • Poor sound quality
  • Slight chemical aroma

Final verdict

Overall, Tranya is gradually building on its previous successes with the T10. The design is still 100 percent perfect when it comes to competitors, but they are still improved. It would be interesting to see if and when Tranya is ready to take on the exclusive market to see how the company will cope with much better production materials in an even smaller package. Until then, the T10 earbuds offer a decent listening experience at the right price.

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