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Review: Vaja Grip Rider for iPhone XS and XS Max

Vaja has always been one of my favorite accessory manufacturers, dating back to the era of prehistoric times with PDS and Palm Pilots. Vaja was the number one name in the luxury accessories then, and it is still one of the best high-end brands today, offering both clear and customizable high quality leather goods for all types of electronic devices.

I've reviewed Vaja's Agenda MG Leather Case for iPhone X and Niko Waller Leather Case and Leather Back for iPhone 7 Plus over the past year so I decided to look at some of the company's other designs after the release of iPhone XS and XS Max. First up is the new Grip Rider case for the current flagship iPhones.


If you read any of my other Vaja reviews, you will see that I'm a big fan of the high leather they have. The feeling, the smell, the grain and the textures only excellence in quality and fine craftsmanship. However, it is sometimes a pace change, and that is precisely why I decided to review this matter. Although it has all the same quality and attention to detail that I have come to expect from Vaja, it is also quite different from some of the other things I've tried.

The differences are clear from the first glance at Grip Rider. This case has a unique "padded" design on the back. The leather is sewn horizontally in padded sections, giving the case a completely different look.

Various is good in this case, since the softness of the leather and upholstery makes Grip Rider feel really good at hand. Like a nice pair of leather gloves good. Belief to his name, the ability to seize this case is definitely supported by his design.

Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test Grip Rider resistance to drops, but the padded shell of the design also gives iPhone an added protection when you need it.

Like a leather spring

The rest of the design is the same as Vaja's other Grip cases, offering a light and minimalist design. The bag has a polycarbonate frame wrapped in leather and sewn tight in seams and corners.

All ports and buttons are exposed by openings at the top, sides and bottom of the case. 19659005]

Again, there is nothing complicated about the overall design of this case.

I tested Grip Rider on my iPhone XS Max, and the lightweight design was a big plus on such a large device. Leather bags can add weight and weight, but it is not the case here. Grip Rider not only feels very good at hand but it does not add too much extra luggage to an already large and weighty device. Just be aware that this is not an Otterbox replacement. If you need more protection, this may not be the case for you. But if minimal is all you need, Grip Rider will do the job.

Looks Different, But Looks Good

Another unique aspect of Grip Rider is the way it looks. It is completely unique among Vaja's products in this regard. I have already covered the upholstered design, which definitely looks as different as it feels.

However, there is more to this than the basic design. I chose the Amberglow colors because it added a little extra flair.

The brightly colored orange color stands out in a good way and fits perfectly with this design. XS Max is also available in Saddle Tan and Black for a more traditional leather look. The XS version also comes in a shadow of red.

Grip Rider also has a "puncture" or dotted pattern across the back of the case, as you can clearly see in the image above. One of the aspects of Vaja cases that I usually love most is the grain and visible texture of the leather. However, the bullet pattern observes the grain, giving the matter a more modern and clean appearance. Although this is very different, I think it fits perfectly with the design of this case. Although I may miss what I'm used to, the overall look of Grip Rider is so good that I do not mind.

The more things change …

Despite the differences, this is still a Vaja case through and through. Grip Rider comes in the same quality packaging that Apple fans will appreciate.

One thing I love about Vaja cases-they come with their own things made of leather scrap. These climbs feel better than the actual case of many competitors, so it's just another reminder that Vaja is at the top of the class when it comes to leather accessories for electronics.

Another famous reminder is the Vaja brand.

In this case, we have the logo etched on a black metal plate with the famous open logo that allows the color of the case to come through. I have always liked this design. Then there is also the famous diagonal logo pattern on the inside of the case.

I also love the contrast of the black interior with the burnt orange exterior.


I knew that Grip Rider would be different from other Vaja things I've tried. That's the main reason I chose to review it. What I did not know was that it would appear like my all-time favorite from Vaja. I absolutely love this case and the only time I take it off my phone at this time is when I need some more protection at work or when I have to test something else for consideration.

If you love leather bags, but find yourself who wants something a little different, look no further. Vaja's Grip Rider is a standout.

Grip Rider is available for iPhone XS and XS Max for $ 109.

Grip Rider was given for review on iPad Insight of Vaja. For further information about the guidelines for our site, see the About page.

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