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Review: Vaja Wallet LP for iPhone XS and XS Max

While I've used some wallets on previous iPhones over the years, I've never been a big fan of the category, mostly. I usually prefer not to carry my cards and money with my phone unless I travel by air, so the extra mass of the card pockets on the inside of the flap in a case does not hold much appeal. However, I understand that this is just a personal preference for me. Wallet cases are both abundant and popular for a good reason ̵

1; many others DO like them.

You may wonder why I'm considering a wallet if they're not really my thing again, many other people are interested in them. I caught my wife and father both drooling over this case so it's really just me. Also, I think it's important to try new things, even if you're not sure you'll like them. Since I've never tried one of Vaja's wallet cases, it seemed like a good choice for this review. Nor have I ever had the opportunity to try out one of Vaja's LP combo leather designs. Regardless of my orders for added much of a wallet, the two-tone combination of Vaja's Bridge and Floater leather was enough to make me listen to this.

Feature and form

Who says you must have one over the other? In the case of Vaja's Wallet LP, you get both similar measures. The skin is soft and the color schemes are attractive, but this case design is just as good.

The inside of the cover has space for your ID, many cards and money.

As you can see, add it will add some bulk to the case as expected.

However, there will be no major concern for those who prefer a wallet case. One thing I appreciate is that the case is not too thick if the wallet section is empty.

Bulk is my biggest boyfriend with most wallets. But since Wallet LP is manageable in this regard, I did not mind using it at all without card and money.

A good thing about some extra mass and material – more protection. Wallet LP will definitely give your iPhone a solid drop protection.

I also appreciate the durable construction of this case.

The double seam that attaches the front flap does not go anywhere. Wallet LP is built to last.

Soft as butter

One of the standout features of Vaja's Bridge and Floater leather is the feeling. When it's going to feel, Wallet LP definitely does not disappoint. The Blue Floater skin feels smooth, but the Tan Bridge skin feels almost like butter when you push your fingers over it.

I've always believed you can tell the difference in quality materials. In this case you can feel it. If you like the feeling of fine leather, you will definitely not be disappointed by this case.

Looking No

As I said before, the appearance of Vaja's LP cases looks like what attracted me to this model. I love the look of natural brown and brown leather and blue is my favorite color, so this version of Wallet LP was a natural choice for me.

The Crown Blue Floater Leather and Bridge London Leather is a perfect match for each other. I think they come across as a distinctive pairing and look very attractive together.

A challenging feature of every Vaja case I've reviewed is the seam. You can see their attention to quality and details here.

The exterior goggles merges with Bridge London leather and contrasts beautifully with Floater Crown Blue. The blue thread on the inside mirrors the outside quite well, blends with Crown Blue and contrasts with London.

While I love the modern look of Vaja's Grip Rider case that I have gone through a few. Many days ago, I missed the classic texture of the grain of leather that comes through most cases. It's on full screen here with Wallet LP, which enhances both the look and feel.

Vaja's branding always adds an extra touch of class, in my opinion. Chrome nameplate on the back shows the Crown Blue color through the stamped Vaja logo.

The built-in metal The Vaja logo on the front is also beautifully discreet.


Then it is the famous diagonal Vaja brand stamped on the inner leather.

While I loved this pattern on the black interior of the Vaja Grip Rider case, the more traditional London has a classic look that will get older and change the way you normally expect fine leather .


If you love a good wallet and appreciate fine leather, Vaja's Wallet LP is a perfect choice for you. It has plenty of space to hold cards and cash. It fits the iPhone to a tee and provides plenty of protection. In terms of form, this case is almost impossible to beat. It feels smooth and smoother in hand, and the grain and texture of the leather give the matter a classic look.

What really sets the Wallet LP case apart is the distinctive color combination. Crown Blue Floater Leather and London Bridge Leather is a perfect pair that really compliments each other. Vaja's fine stitching adds a nice touch of difference and visual interest. And if blue and brown are not your thing, Vaja has other color combinations that you can find more appealing, including a custom case option that lets you choose both colors and some other details. Vaja also has LP and GP design available on other model models, so if you are not interested in a wallet, you can also get these color combinations in other cases.

Vaja Wallet LP is the most beautiful and most functional wallet case for a smartphone that I have considered. In view of my previous experience with Vaja's fine leather bags, this is not a surprise. Wallet cases can not be my favorite, but this case looks and feels so good that I had no problem spending time for this review and beyond.

Wallet LP case is available from Vaja for $ 169. You can also build your own from a wider range of colors for $ 199.

Wallet LP was provided for review on iPad Insight by Vaja. For further information about the guidelines for our site, see the About page.

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