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Ridley Scott did not impress with Epic’s parody of Apple’s famous Mac ad from 1984

When Epic Games launched its manufactured crusade against Apple over the App Store developer fees, Fortnite makers created a shot-by-shot parody of the famous 1984 Apple Super Bowl commercial directed by Ridley Scott.

“1984” introduced the Apple Macintosh PC. It was conceived by Chiat / Day’s Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas and Lee Clow, produced by New York production company Fairbanks Films, and directed by Ridley Scott. Anya Major acted as the mock heroine and David Graham portrayed “Big Brother.” The venue’s only broadcast was on January 22, 1984, during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII. Chiat / Day also ran the ad another time, in December 1983 just before noon. 01

.00 at KMVT in Twin Falls, Idaho, so that the ad could be sent to awards ceremonies for that year.

IGN spoke to Scott about Epic’s tribute in a recent interview.

Still from Epic's parody of Apple's famous Mac ad from 1984
Still from Epic’s parody of Apple’s famous ‘1984’ Mac ad

Matt TM Kim for IGN:

IGN asked Scott, director of critically acclaimed films such as Alien, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, if he had seen the epic remake of his famous Apple commercial “1984”.

“I must have done that, and I wrote to them because on the one hand I can be completely complimented by the fact that they copied [my commercial] shot by shot, ”says Scott. “But the pity message is so common when they could have talked about democracy or more powerful things … And they did not use it.”

Scott added: “I think the animation was fantastic, the idea was fantastic, the message was ‘ehh’.”

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of the uninspired, distracting videos, the bottom line is clear: Epic Games will have all the benefits it provides for the Apple App Store for free.

Here is the real deal:

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