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Rounding up the hottest upcoming Mac games

Looking for the latest and best? The best new Mac games available today? You are in the right place.

While we spend a lot of time on the best games in recent years, it is clear that the latest games are equally important. After all, they are the future of Mac games. Because hundreds of new games appear every month, we prefer to focus on quality and not quantity. Instead of showing you a big list of games, we highlight the best new games for Mac and explain why they deserve your attention.

And to make it easier for you, we separated them between those who are already there and those who are coming soon. 19659002] This guide covers all the new Macgames 2018 and 2019 for us. If an exciting game is published, advertised or even the reputation, you can trust it's in here. But if you're looking for a round of the absolute best, you should definitely read our 25 best Mac games in 201

8 so far.

And if you still have difficulty choosing your next game, check out our 100 best Mac games available today or start with one of our current favorites.

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