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Safari Technology Preview 114 Release offers bug fixes and performance improvements

Apple on Thursday released Safari Technology Preview 114, the latest version of their developer preview browser. The preview version of Apple’s popular browser gives developers and other interested users the opportunity to try out features that may or may not debut in future versions of Safari.

Version 114 includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, JavaScript, Date and Time Inputs, Web Audio, MediaRecorder, Paint Timing, WebGL, CSS, Web API, Lazy Loading, Media, WebRTC, Rendering, Text Rendering, Scrolling, Back-Forward Cache and Storage Access API.

The current afSafari Technology Preview‌ release is built on the new Safari 1

4 update included with MacOS Big Sur.

Release 114

Web Inspector

  • Element tab
    • Changed to grayscale properties that are not used or do not apply
    • Modified to hide non-hereditary traits when viewing hereditary rules
    • Modified to not show built-in swatches for properties that are not used or not valid
  • Fan Sources
    • Modified to allow you to configure event breakpoints
    • Modified to evaluate breakpoint ratios before incrementing the ignore number
    • Modified to allow DOM breakpoints to be configured
    • Modified so that special JavaScript breakpoints can be configured
    • Modified to allow URL breakpoints to be configured
  • Network tab
    • Fixed WebSockets must be reported as type mains socket
    • Resolved issue where response content was not displayed for 304 responses from XHR requests
  • Timelines tab
    • Fixed duplicate “Timeline recording 1” on open
    • Fixed enabling JavaScript Allocations timeline to display previously captured snapshots in the table
    • The directional capture button disappears when the interface is narrow
    • Fixed Stop Recording button to actually stop recording
  • Audit tab
    • Allow revisions to be created and edited in Web Inspector edit mode
  • Various
    • Fixed issue where the dock buttons would not work when anchored if the window is too small


  • Added Intl.DateTimeFormat dateStyle and timeStyle
  • Added Intl.Segments
  • Added a syntax error for asynchronization function in a statement context
  • Added Object.getOwnPropertyNames caching and accelerated Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor
  • Adjusted inheritance Internationally constructor behavior to specification
  • Used Intl.DateTimeFormat time cycle correctly when timeStyle used
  • Enabled Intl.DisplayNames
  • Changed to not allow la[[[[ the sequence must be displayed in an ExpressionStatement context
  • Modified to allow ny super. property syntax
  • Modified to allow ny import.meta () syntax
  • Modified to use location sensitive grouping for grouping options in IntlRelativeTimeFormat
  • Implemented Intl.DateTimeFormat dagPeriod
  • Implemented Intl Language Tag Parser
  • Implemented Intl.DateTimeFormat.prototype.formatRange
  • Implemented overall Intl.NumberFormat
  • Fixed an invalid early error for object literary method proto
  • Fixed implementation of the class “extends” the clause incorrectly during use proto to set prototypes
  • Fixed performance and performance navigation interface missing toJSON operations
  • Updated Intl.Collator to take a sort option
  • Updated Array.prototype.push to always perform Set in strict mode
  • Updated Promise.prototype. Finally to perform Loose Loose

Date and time entries

  • Added editing for
  • Updated date entries that contain editable components
  • Updated appearance of date selector to match system date selectors
  • Updated date selector when the internal control is edited
  • Updated date pickers to respect the document’s color scheme
  • Updated date / time to focus on the next editable component when entering a key
  • Updated date / time to maintain focus on value change
  • Updated date / time to not use custom formats to prevent fingerprints


  • Added AudioParam.automationRate Trait
  • Added the right support for AudioContextOptions.sampleRate
  • Allowed direct creation of replacement codec
  • Changed AudioParam.value puts to call setValueAtTime (value, now)
  • Changed AudioParam.linearRampToValueAtTime () formula to match the specification
  • Changed AudioBufferSourceNode to use finally values ​​for playbackRate and detune
  • Fixed AnalyzeNode.getFloatFrequencyData () to fill the array with -Eternity when input is silent
  • Fixed AudioBufferSourceNode.start () behavior when the offset is past the end of the buffer
  • Fixed AudioBufferSourceNode.start () ignores when parameter when pitch is 0
  • Fixed AudioContext is not rendered until an AudioNode is constructed
  • Fixed AudioDestinationNode.maxChannelCount always returns 0
  • Fixed AudioParam.linearRampToValueAtTime () and exponentialRampToValueAtTime () has no effect when there is no event that preceded
  • Fixed BiquadFilterNode.getFrequencyResponse () to return NaN for frequencies outside the limits
  • Fixed types Panner.setPosition () and setOrientation () parameters to not be unlimited
  • Fell non-standard AudioBuffer. Gain
  • Made AudioParam.cancelScheduledValues ​​() standards in accordance
  • Improved interpolation algorithm in OscillatorNode
  • Introduced StereoPannerNode interface
  • Stopped performing “de-zipping” when using winnings


  • Enabled MediaRecorder by default on macOS
  • The end of media capture should not be reported until 3 seconds after start-up
  • MediaRecorder timeline parameter that causes internal errors on longer videos

Paint timing

  • Activated paint time by default


  • Enabled WebGL2 by default
  • Added WebGL and WebGL2 context support for OffscreenCanvas
  • WebGL goes in bad condition where glContext.createProgram () returns zero


  • Fixed text-transform inheritance to :: marker
  • Modified to specify free column space before pre-setting grids
  • Added support for flow-relative shorthand and offset properties
  • Modified to allow indefinite size flex articles to be determined with respect to resolving percentages in them
  • Modified so as not to skip flex boxes with automatic height for percentage calculations in quirks mode
  • Modified for use my content size for internal maximum resolution
  • Fixed my height: auto is not used on nested flexboxes
  • Fixed : visited color taken on an unvisited link when using CSS variables
  • Fast CSS reset to serialize as “reset”, not “reset”
  • Updated to handle overly long CSS variable values


  • Adjusted length properties of functional prototypes with specifications
  • Updated ReadableStream.pipeTo implementation to match specifications
  • Updated Web Share API to prevent non-HTTP (S) URLs
  • Adjusted ISO-8859- {3,6,7,8,8-I} and windows- {874,1253,1255,1257} encodings with specifications
  • Modified XML documents in iframes so as not to inherit coding from the parent frame
  • Modified item to not specify an attribute inside the constructor
  • Changed new URL (“#”) to throw wrong
  • Fixed subsequent requestAnimationFrame callbacks that can pass the same timestamp
  • Fixed XHR. Timeout is affected by long tasks
  • Although it takes too long to retrieve images from the memory buffer
  • Implemented encodeInto () TextEncoder method
  • Updated the URL fragment encoding kit percentage

Lazy Loading

  • Implemented lat iframe loading
  • Solid paint of lazy pictures


  • Fixed the PiP window closing when the video element is removed from the DOM
  • Fixed an HDCP error for all streaming on Netflix
  • Fixed element that prevents the screen from sleeping even after playback is complete


  • Added RTCRtpSynchronizationSource.rtpTimestamp
  • Exposed RTCPeerConnection.restartIce
  • Safari cannot hear sound when using WebRTC in multiple tabs


  • Fixed animations that invalidate too often
  • Fixed flicker on sedona.dev
  • Fixed cut-off scroll bar on Facebook posts with many comments has cut off scroll bars that could not roll to the bottom
  • Modified to handle fonts that lie about being solid color
  • Fixed programmatic selection of text in a text field that causes the highlight overlay to flush out
  • Fixed overflow: bla rubber bands are interrupted by scrolling by layout
  • Fixed a flash when closing a webpage

Text reproduction

  • Changed distance between the letters to deactivate ligatures


  • Fixed vertical scrolling that gets stuck when a horizontal scroller is under the mouse
  • Fixed selection of item scrolling after scrolling on the page

Back-forward cache

  • Added support for third-party domains to be saved for backward navigation

Storage Access API

  • Permitted requests for storage access from nested iframes

Preview is available for both macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur.

Although the preview is intended for use by developers and advanced users, to give Apple feedback on the development of the Safari browser, it can run side by side with the release version of Safari. The app does not require a developer account to download and install. For more information, visit the Safari Technology Preview website.

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