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Satechi Wireless Charger V2 review: The power of your iPhone

Wireless charging is so much easier than the daily work of connecting and disconnecting the iPhone. And the new AirPod wireless charging housing makes it easier to give up lightning cables. Satechi has just introduced an Apple compatible wireless charger that is not only functional, but also great.

We fully tested this accessory so don't miss our practical review.

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 review [19659004] A wireless charger sets in public all the time, so the look is almost as important as functionality. Satechi fits the bill. The edges and bottom are a single piece of aluminum, creating a prominent silver ring around a black plastic charger. A raised X gives a nice finish to a very professional look.

A generous size charging mat is useful with the big phones that are so popular. Wireless Charger V2 is a 4-inch circle, suitable for even the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. It is 0.4 inches thick and surprisingly light, considering the amount of metal involved in the casing.

This Satechi accessory is powered by a USB-C port. It comes with a USB-C cable, but not the required adapter for a wall outlet. This is one of the few complaints we have about this product.

An LED lights up when the power is transmitted wirelessly to the phone or other device. This is green if the charging mat only sends 5W, but turns blue when 7.5W or 10W is transmitted.

  Satechi Wireless Charger V2
Satechi's charging mat works with the latest iPhone models, AirPods Wireless Charger Box and more.

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Performance

The advantage of wireless charging is simplicity and convenience. Just put an iPhone or AirPod charging case on the mat and the power starts to flow.

With the Qi standard, newer iPhones and AirPods charging cases can get up to 7.5W. We tested the Wireless Charger V2 with an iPhone XS Max, and – because Satechi doesn't tie a wall adapter – RavPower PD Pioneer 45W. This handset's battery increased by 10 percent in 20 minutes, which is typical of wireless chargers.

We tried this accessory with a 5W iPhone charger, which requires USB-A for USB-C cable. In 20 minutes, this setup only increased the XS Max battery 5 percent. So be sure to connect the Satechi accessories with a more powerful wall adapter. Monitor Aukey 18W Power Delivery Wall Charger.

Wireless charger V2 can provide up to 10W power to Android devices.

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Last Thoughts

Every iPhone since 2017 supports wireless power, and Apple now takes this feature to AirPods. Satechi's charging mat is a good way to take advantage of this. Wireless Charger V2 looks great when you quickly turn on mobile devices.

We just want it to come with the right wall adapter.

The list price for the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 is $ 44.99. It is available at Amazon for the same price.

Buy from: Amazon – $ 44.99

Buy from: Amazon – £ 44.99

Check out the Cult of Mac's best wireless iPhone chargers now that AirPower is dead for a list of competing products, but Satechi can easily be added to this list.

Satechi gave Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out several things we recommend.

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