Joe Cieplinski, who writes on his blog:

I have reached the unfortunate conclusion that the RECafs app will not be able to go completely independently this fall with the release of watchOS 6. While you have always been able to log off your wrist your using the app or Siri shortcuts, I hoped that people who didn't want to keep RECaf installed on their phones could continue to use RECaf on their wrist.

There are simply too many things that cannot be done on watchOS at this time. So for now you need to keep that app installed.

Cieplinski outlines three main areas that Independent Watch apps are currently missing in their functions, two of which involve HealthKit restrictions, while the third is that you cannot make any kind of in-app purchases on an Independent Watch app, so lock Up pro features or a subscription plan is impossible without an iPhone companion.

These are significant drawbacks, not the kind of edge cases that will be more understandable and expected for watchOS & # 39; first take on standalone apps. App independence was the main story Apple told for watchOS 6 at WWDC, but I suspect not many apps will be able to go independent until greater functionality parity is achieved between independent apps and those still affiliated with the iPhone.