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[Self Promo Saturday] Today I released version 1.9 of Apollo for my Reddit app, which includes lots of new features and additions such as beautiful cross-posting, full controls, translation of comments, a new subreddit voter, new app icons and more! iOS 14 TestFlight beta registration also in! : apple

Hi Apple subreddit,

I’m the developer of Apollo for Reddit, a Reddit app for iOS that the Apple community has been very kind to in the past. I wanted to keep everyone up to date on what I’m up to (not many people seem to know, but Apollo is my full time job!), So I thought I’d make a post showing all the goodies in Apollo version 1.9.

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id979274575

In a nutshell, Apollo is a Reddit app built from the ground up to be a premium iOS app. Not only did I want another platform hybrid app that feels insane, but an app built specifically to feel at home on iOS and take advantage of all the features. All while being super fast, clean and very customizable, with lots of fantastic power features like a supercharged mediviser with GIF scrubbing, swipe gestures, smooth comment display, smart rotation lock and so much more. And free to use for as long as you want (with the option to support for a few dollars).

Oh, and there’s a TestFlight sign-up at the bottom if you want to beta-test the app, as well as details on the iOS 14 update to drop when iOS 14 does!

Regardless, without further ado, the change log is:


Apollo 1.9 is a massive update of Apollo that it takes months and months to complete, but I am very happy with the result, and it gathers lots of ideas from the community to make Apollo even nicer to use. The update includes a number of features around cross posts, style, new app icons, translation and quality of life improvements. Thanks to everyone who writes via email or via ApolloApp subreddit, your suggestions for what you want to see in Apollo help me a lot and really motivate me to keep making Apollo better and better.

Without further ado, here are the changes included in this Apollo 1.9 update:

Crosspost View

Cross-posting (taking an existing post and posting it to a similar subreddit) has been a big part of Reddit for many years, but recently it became a full-featured feature where you can see exactly which subreddit it came from, and quickly jump to the original mail. Apollo fully supports this, so you can see the interesting content of the post, but also quickly skip to read the original discussion! It’s often like having two interesting discussions in one!

Cross post

Like being able to see crossbars, you can also easily perform a cross post if you want too! Just select the post you want to cross the post, write a title, select subreddit to cross it to, and bam, you are on the run.

Image Flair

Flair is a small “tag” that users can add to their usernames in subreddit, and some subreddits even allow you to add small images / icons in addition to text, such as the icon for your favorite sports team, or a character from your favorite TV your show. Apollo now shows these beautifully!

Set your Flair

In addition to being able to see the style as discussed in the previous item, you can now set your own style! Just go to the subreddit you choose, and you can choose from a list of customizable flairs, so you can add some personality to your comments, and show what language you are learning, your username in a video game subreddit is about, your training goals, etc.

See Long Flair

Some users set uncomfortable style, and as a result it can go off, which can be annoying when trying to figure out what it says. Do not be annoyed anymore, because you can just press the long style to get a window that expands it fully!

Find posts by Same Flair

If subreddit lets users tag their posts with individual tones (for example, being able to tag if your question is about a particular character or topic), you can now just tap that style and Apollo will show you all the other posts. in subreddit which is marked with the same style.

5 (Yes, five!) New app icons!

This update has taken a lot of time to work with, and as a result I was a bit behind in including the Ultra icons I wanted to include, but as a result it is now a real Icon Bonanza, with five new icons included in this the update. . The first three are Ultra icons, all created by the same incredibly talented designer, Matthew Skiles, who I have been a fan of for a long time. I love how these turned out, we have our beloved Apollo mascot reimagined as an angel, a devil, as well as a zany pilot, all in gorgeous, colorful iconography. But the three icons are not all! Then we have a beautiful new Apollo icon representing the trans pride flag (originally created by Monica Helms), which came out really amazing and is a great addition. And last but not least, our incredible social designer, FutureIncident, is making his second appearance with the Japanese-inspired Apollo-san icon! I love this set of icons so much, it becomes very difficult to choose.

Easy translation of languages

Reddit is home to a diverse set of communities that have a number of fascinating conversations, but sometimes it is difficult to understand what is being said if the conversation is in a language you are not familiar with. Heck, you have no idea what the language is! Now Apollo will be able to detect if the language of a comment or post is different from the language of your iOS device, and if so, offer to quickly translate it so you can understand the conversation! It is so useful, whether you are following a fascinating conversation or even trying to learn a new language.

Fast Subreddit selector

Whether you’re trying to add a single subreddit to a filter, or adding multiple subreddits at a time to a multireddit, Apollo is now even faster at doing these tasks, with an auto-fill window that makes it super quick to search and add subreddits .

Total number of hidden comments and remembering hidden comments

Two useful new additions to coincident comments in Apollo. The first, Apollo, shows you in a moment how many comments are in the hidden conversation, which can be very useful to see a comment thread. The second thing, if you collapse a series of comments, and then come back to the same comment section later, Apollo will now remember which comments you had collapsed, and keep them collapsed for you!

New settings, filters adjustments, bug fixes and more!

A bunch of amazing new settings have been added to Apollo, such as being able to disable automatic looping of videos with audio, or to be able to do so so that translation options are always displayed. Filtering is also even more powerful, with your filters also able to target style and links (in addition to the title), and fix a few filtering errors. Apollo now also shows videos from Reddit’s experimental ‘RPAN’ service, which is actually a kind of live stream post that you can now watch in Apollo. Of course, there are a bunch of other small bug fixes around Apollo, from the occasional accidental login, to the video bugger, to the Apollo that ends up in the background when it shouldn’t, as well as a bunch of other minor tweaks throughout the app to improve your quality of life while you surf!

known issues

(Will be resolved very soon)

  • Under strange conditions, you may get duplicate sound

  • When you rotate the device, it can sometimes throw you up

  • Some high-data accounts may be slightly delayed when returning from the background (if this happens to you, please send me your logs, Settings tab> About> Logs)

TestFlight and iOS 14 Beta

I’ve been working hard on an iOS 14 update with widgets, photo in photo video, a new photo selector and much more, so if you are interested in beta testing it and giving feedback / errors, it would be great! You can register here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/I6svnXDz

If you have any ideas about future updates, suggestions or just general questions, I will be happy to answer as well. It sounds silly, but I’m really building Apollo for society and giving people the Reddit app about their dreams.

– Kristen

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