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Series 1 Apple Watch BPM / Heart Rate Accuracy? : Apple watch

Sorry the long post.

So yesterday I finally got my old Apple Watch back from my mother who said she was going to use it, but ended up staying at the bottom of her bag for months. I was very excited to come back in the bend of having a smart watch on me, but there is one thing I want to know and can't get an accurate or legitimate response about it online

How accurate is the heart monitor for the series one Apple Watch? I wore it tomorrow before a nap and then used it pretty much all day. It says that my lowest resting pulse is 65 (which is while I was sleeping) and and it seems that all day my HR is anywhere from 76-85 bpm "resting"

Now I'm an overweight woman (about 260 pounds) and worked on it) and had a 48 heart screen on me like two or three months back (had health anxiety that has calmed a lot since then) who said that my maximum recorded HR was 1

40, average HR was 81 and minimum HR was 47 (I fell asleep). Now I look at my Apple Watch saying my max HR is 120ish and my resting HR is 60-65. Does it sound right?

TLDR: Has a heart monitor two months back and now I want to know how accurate the series 1 is

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