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Series 2 Crown issues: AppleWatch

Hey everyone!

Just to see if anyone has any insight or other ideas to fix an occasional issue with my crown becoming unresponsive.

The issue is fairly inconsistent which is what made it so irritating and led to me picking up a series 4 (which is a surprisingly impressive upgrade).

My old series 2 has been having issues the last couple of months of having the crown sticking, which unfortunately led to Siri always listening and being on. ] Initially, this problem was infrequent and would only happen 1-2x per week. But in the last week it has become constant, making the watch unusable. I initially just rinsed it with water (per forum posts and Apple's advice), but this has only fixed it for a few minutes. Oddly the more effective fix has been doing the cleaning process and lightly tapping the crown on my wrist in an attempt to clear out any junk in there. Doing this would fix it for almost the whole day.

Any ideas of other steps to fix this issue? Or is this watch done for with a physical issue to the crown?

Thanks in advance!

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