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Series 3 GPS Owner. 15 minutes on ownership thoughts and questions ..: AppleWatch

Hello everyone,

I'm new to owning an Apple Watch. I just bought a series of 3 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Black Sport with GPS. I don't need a mobile model (LTE) because from what I've read as long as you're connected via Bluetooth to your phone, you can answer calls, texts, etc. The main reason for purchasing was what I needed a new wristwatch (A), and The heart rate monitor and health modules are very practical, resourceful and invaluable to me when I am working to improve my health (B).

Some questions and comments from my 15 minute ownership so far …

  1. Does Wi-Fi enabled on the clock necessary? What other advantage is other than being too remote from your phone for Bluetooth to stay in touch where I can see that WiFi is useful. I do not live in a manor to enjoy this feature and I certainly do not get too far away from my phone. I see this as a battery drinker, that's why I ask. Can I permanently keep Wi-Fi off?

  2. The Ping feature is great for all the times you have misplaced your iPhone. For those who wonder, you will press the ping button to send a ping to the iPhone that just activates a ping sound!

  3. Theater mode: Silent mode, but take a step further by holding the clock display black until you press the manual screen. From my short drive home from the Apple Store, I noticed as you drove, the screen would turn on or trigger quite a few times from my driving (resting left arm on the driver's door / window area. I like it with a swing wrist, the clock flashes automatically but I guess this gets old pretty quickly. //// Question: Is there a way to get your stay black on the screen during theater mode while keeping your phone going silent? 19659005] Is the only way to customize clock faces from Edit one of the presets out of the box Are you able to "save as" or just over-ride the existing one that you customize?

  4. The flashlights are quite useless Initially, a white screen shows above the clock face, not sure how useful it should be, but I guess it better than nothing in a tight situation.

  5. Walkie Talkie seems cool. Is this basically the same as sending a voice text while in iMessage? not tried it yet.When you receive a Walkie Talkie, does it play automatically or do you have to watch / print / open the alert first? Because it would be annoying and keep me quiet practically all the time thanks to an annoying / stupid friend …

… It's about it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my first comments and answer questions. So far, I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and look forward to upgrading to Series 4 (or 5) a day for the extra ECG feature.

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