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Series 3 vs Huawei watch GT

We swim with my friend throughout the year in open water near my town. Throughout the year – I mean even in the winter. The water temperature can vary from 1 ° C to 7 ° C (right now). My frient has recently received P30 (I'm sure huawei hit you with its massive additions everywhere) and he got to watch the clock for free with it. So we started measuring our swimming lessons three times a week.

First saw the Huawei clock because S3 could not record my swimming. We swam 200 meters and the s3 clock returned something about 20 meters of swimming. Huawei watch was on the chip itself with the map. I was wondering why that is it. The GPS signal cannot penetrate the water, and you have to get your hand out of the water for gps to pick up here and there. But the huawei watch is measured even under water. The map was straight lines, but it was a map. My S3 will not give me maps at this time.

I was like – there is no chance that cheap ass huawei clock can measure better than sophisticated S3.

Yesterday we went a little longer increased in 7 ° C water by 800 meters. I usually swim like 100 meters and hold my hand out of the water to paint a point on the map through gps, and the watch will connect dost after that, and give me my swim chart. Halfway through the swimming session my friend reported something about 400 meters away and my watch was like 240 meters, so I was pretty sad about it. Anyway, we went over the lake and back and checked the final distance. Friends clocked 1005 meters and mine was 790 meters, so something was pretty good with 200 meters. Later I measure the distance and it turned out that S3 was exactly all the way through and huavei is waaaaay off!

I want to say that I'm happy that the S3 and all the apple clocks I've ever worked with point and give me very accurate readings, and I have to trust them more! Damn it also works in the ice cold 1 ° C winter water without any problems! Thanks apple!

Here's a picture of the 800m swimming with all the dots: https://i.imgur.com/nKIzsAT.png

Note: English is not my native language, there may be some errors: (

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