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Should coding be seen as a trade?

Perhaps it takes it extreme, but Tim Cook managed last week at a meeting of the US Workforce Advisory Council that he, Apple as a whole, and some other Silicon Valley companies see coding as a skill that does not I does not need a traditional four-year degree for productive job matching and placement. I can't say I disagree with him.

While I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in music, I have never participated anything beyond specialized software training for my current job. I learned a lot from what I know today alone, through mentoring from others and through the job experience. For example, I have been a programmer and system integrator for the last 1

8 years without a second spent in a college computer course classroom. I know I'm not the only one with this story either.

I'm not here to tell you that a four-year degree in computer science is useless. For some careers, especially those that require some degree of flexibility, it's still the best way to work. But I also think Tim Cook is right that all programming jobs require a college education. A two-year program at a community course should be enough for many careers, especially those that are more specialized. For students who are not interested in the traditional college experience, this is an ideal and less expensive way to a living wage job.

For example, my eldest son has made it clear that he does not want to attend a four-year university. He will graduate high school next week, take off a year and work and then go to one of two community colleges depending on the field he chooses. You will be amazed at how many paying careers only require a two-year degree to get started.

When considering the fact that many states already offer free courses in their Career Path Common Schools classes in key industries, this is a perfect time for multiple companies to re-evaluate their minimum application requirements for specific jobs. My generation was taught that had to go to a four-year degree at a minimum before entering the world of work. Many in today's generation see the world differently, and I cannot say I blame them on the basis of my own experience.

It is an attempt to get more students to consider skilled trades, and there are several who are interested in going a different route than a traditional degree of time and money required for it. The business I work for uses many union technicians in a few trading areas with great success. Considering that most of these guys do not have higher education, they earn quite competitive salaries after five years of apprenticeship. Think of you, they are also paid all over the five years while gaining valuable experience. Apprentice is a working process method that has been proven over a thousand years, and there is no reason why it still cannot be implemented in the modern world.

There are many coding careers that can be handled in the same way with the right amount of preparatory training and job guidance. With a little more openness, companies across the United States can make their lives much easier for themselves and take on a much larger talent pool to get a quick start to a new career in coding. If any of the largest companies in Silicon Valley do so, more people should follow their management and thinking outside the box when it comes to minimum job requirements.

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