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Should I wait for the next Apple Watch? : Apple watch

Hello there

I currently use my black 42mm Apple Watch 2 stainless steel with the original black stainless steel arm band from apple. I use it most of the time to control music with my Airpods and to see alerts without pulling the phone out of my pocket. Now sometimes I just think of getting a new one as Series 4. I heard it a regular upgrade to the series 2, faster, thinner and it has several weights to choose from. I grow a little tired of the guards I can get for the series 2, and was a little disappointed to find out over time, that there are only a few new weights since I bought it a few years ago. Also, I keep very high on my connector bracelet and just found out that this bracelet would not fit the new stainless steel case 4 series because the 4 SS series looks dull. So I wanted to ask for alternatives, stay with my current series 2 and wait for the new series 5 and hope that my bracelet fits mechanically and optically, buy a current series 4 that would penetrate the coupling bracelet but would look a little out of finished … or maybe there are several ways to get new watches for my watch, which I haven't found out about … I really want to appreciate your thoughts about it. Have a nice day and regret my bad English;)

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