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Sidequest: Help desk and personal task boxes that the team loves, 100% inside slack [Sponsor]

Sidequest is a brand new extension exclusively for Slack that allows you to create help desks and inboxes for personal tasks that the teams love, 100% in Slack. With Sidequest you get the perfect combination of the reliability of a helpdesk system, the effortlessness of a task management app and the convenience of Slack, all in one fantastic, integrated package.

When it comes to helpdesk and asking for tracking tools, it seems we all share the same love-hate relationship. For many teams, helpdesk is the only way to process a large volume of requests efficiently and reliably, but at the same time they can feel impersonal, old-fashioned and inaccessible, especially when used for internal purposes, such as an IT information desk.

Sidequest makes you love the help desk again, by combining the reliability of traditional ticket systems and the ease of use of modern task handlers in Slack. This allows your workspace members to create tasks in public or private support channels, as well as for each other in personal task inboxes. Once a ticket is created, Sidequest becomes the only point of truth, so your team always has a shared understanding of the task, history and status. That way, everyone is on the same page, and nothing slips between the cracks.

Better yet, there is no need to install new software or set up accounts, since Sidequest lives 1

00% in Slack. And because Sidequest is made in Germany, your data and your users are completely protected by the GDPR, which is one of the world’s strictest data protection laws.

Start your new helpdesk today with a 30-day free trial of Sidequest by visiting getidequest.app/macstories. Then use promotional code MACSTORIES for 50% off the first six months. Love the helpdesk again, with Sidequest for Slack.

Our thanks to Sidequest for sponsoring MacStories this week.

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