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So new seeds: Dallas science teacher brings students closer to nature with iPad

“With gardening, there is a lot of problem solving that has to go into it,” says Deinhammer. “Our driving question for gardening is: How can we improve our garden space to make it more environmentally friendly and encourage more visitors, from more people in our community, to native animals and wildlife. I think this challenges students to think of the garden as a place to learn and a place to help others. We want our garden to be not only a place to learn to protect the environment, but a place that is inviting for everyone. ”

Since the Coppell Middle School Easts Sustainability Club ̵

1; led by Deinhammer – planted the first garden last year, the school is donating in the fall to a Metrocrest Services community center in Coppell, helping families and surrounding communities in need. “The more we can harvest, the more help we give our community,” says Deinhammer.

Last year, inspired by the curriculum Everyone Can Make, Deinhammer developed and recently published the book “Everyone Can Make in Science” with other Apple Distinguished Educators. Many of these concepts are used in the gardening class, as Deinhammer believes creativity and flexible learning encourage students to grow. She uses the iPad to design lessons and assignments for each of her students in a format – audio, visual or written – that works best for them. Students capture their findings in a digital field guide created in Keynote, which combines all their work in a book to be shared with future gardening courses and the local community.

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