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Some iPhone users refuse to install iOS 13.7 due to irrational fear of contact tracking

Apple recently announced the Exposure Notification Express, which enables contact tracking without the need for a separate app. Prior to that, the Exposure Notification API required an app from the public health authorities. The new Exposure Notification Express has arrived for iOS 13.7. The new contact tracking system has caused concern among some iOS users who are afraid of being tracked.

These users do not update to iOS 1

3.7, and fear that Apple may track their location and use the data. On the other hand, the new contact tracing method is expected to make it easier for the public health authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19. People have already begun to float conspiracy theories and question Apple’s intent behind contact tracing.

Many people fear state surveillance and are not ready to accept the benefits of contact tracking. The method is usually used to determine the spread of outbreaks as in the case of COVID-19. Contact tracking uses Bluetooth and alerts iPhone users if they have come in contact with the person who tested positive for COVID-19. Furthermore, it will also save the public health authorities the hassle of manually tracking all the people who have been in contact with the positive person.

Google and Apple jointly developed the exposure alert feature. Early on, there were some concerns about privacy, and Apple quickly addressed the same. And if you feel that the benefits of contact tracking outweigh your privacy, you can choose not to sign up. Yes, the feature is opt-in, and no one is forcing smartphone users to sign up. Furthermore, the function is switched off by default.

Contact tracking conspiracy theories

The above Tweet shows how people jump to conclusions, even without understanding how the feature works. @clydetwopointoh also refers to the dystopian novel “1984. ‘In response to CNN’s tweet, a user said,” Happy for an Android. “A few expressed that they are” grateful to have a Galaxy. “

Another MacRumors forum user said, “Downloading iOS versions with this tracking accepts tyranny … A device tracking device, audio and text spying, social control and modification – are you getting it yet?”

Busting Contact Tracing Myths

Time to break some myths. First, Express Notification is opt-in, so if you get to choose whether Apple should track, you are not. Bluetooth data is shared via anonymous identifiers and these tokens are encrypted. There is no way anyone can retrieve your details using the identifiers. Still worried about your privacy? How to opt out of exposure notification on iOS devices.

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