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Sony brings Imaging Edge webcam tools to macOS

Back in August, Sony announced and released the Imaging Edge Webcam tool for Windows. For the unknown, this is software that allows you to connect your Sony digital camera to your computer and use it as a webcam. The good news is that the software is now also available for macOS.

The software is essentially the same as the Windows version, where as long as you have a compatible Sony camera, all you need to do is connect a camera to your Mac computer and you should be able to use it as a webcam with your favorite. video conferencing software almost instantly.

Prior to this, those who wanted to use a digital camera as a webcam had to find solutions through third-party software that might not be as user-friendly. In some cases, they will even need to buy extra accessories such as a fishing license, and given that not everyone needs one, it only created extra obstacles.

Given that the pandemic does not seem to disappear anytime soon, more people turn to video conferencing for work and school, so having a good quality camera can help improve the experience, and it can also be a good way to use a digital camera. now that we do not get to travel around that much.

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