"US chipmaker Qualcomm has lost a lawsuit against the Fair Trade Commission [in South Korea] nation's antitrust guard, over unfair practices to maintain a monopoly on the local mobile communications bicycle area in 2009," Kim Young-won reports for the Korea Herald. "The Supreme Court on 11 February found most of the FTC decisions in 2009 to impose 273 billion (232 billion) fines on Qualcomm for illegal reimbursements from 2000 to 2009 to be legal."

"Of 273 billion-won penalties, the court claimed that the chip maker should pay at least 200 billion wins, while the rest had to be reconsidered in a lower court," Kim reports.

"Some market watchers believe the last Supreme Court ruling can affect a separate legal battle between the American chip maker and the FTC," Kim says. "In 201

6, the caretaker decided to charge 1.03 billion won at Qualcomm to exploit his market dominance to keep competitors from entering the market and maintain a monopoly. In response, the film producer has filed a complaint with Seoul High Court." [19659003] Read more in the whole article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Qualcomm extortionists come to a sad understanding: The

Qualcomm's unreasonable, illogical and irrational licensing scams, which charge a percentage of the total cost of all components of the phone, even components that are not Qualcomm must end.

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