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Spilled face wash on MacBook Air 2017: mac

I recently left and the face wash bottle leaked and went on the Mac screen. So I realized this after two days with the Mac sitting in the face wash when I did not unpack. The screen was half black first and the other half worked just fine. This was the state for about 5 days when I put the Mac out under the fan in the hope that it would dry. I charged it and checked every day, and the oil from the face wash dried up a bit when I could see the watermarks decrease. But yesterday when I opened the Mac, it did not turn on. It’s fully charged and I tried a power start, but nothing. Do not know what to do, really stressed as I have my classes starting in a week and can not afford a new one. Can repair but maximum I can pay is £ 200. HELP PLEASE. SOME HELP WILL BE ASSESSED VV

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