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[Sponsor] iTimekeep – time posts built for lawyers

  ITimeKeep "class =" asset asset-image at-xid-6a010535fde333970c0240a4c0f5d1200b img-responsive "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c0240a4c0f5d1200b00 "margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;" title = "ITimeKeep" /> Thanks to Bellefield Systems, creator of iTimekeep, for sponsoring the iPhone JD this month. iTimekeep is one of the most useful apps on my iPhone, and along with Microsoft Word, it is one of the rare apps that I use almost every day on multiple computing platforms: PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. iTimekeep improves time tracking and time management for lawyers. Everyone who bills their time will agree that this is one of the most annoying aspects of a lawyer's practice, so the opportunity to turn this task from a daily medication into something that can be done a lot easier is a huge gain. I posted a full review of iTimekeep two years ago, and here is an update on why I think iTimekeep is so valuable, plus a discussion of some of the new features that have been recently added. </p>
<p><strong>  iPhone </strong></p>
<p>  I don't use iTimekeep on my iPhone every day, but when I do, it's incredibly valuable. How many times have you had one of those "yes" moments when you suddenly remembered that you forgot to record time for some activity? This often happens to me before I go to bed at night. In the old days, I would hope to remember it the next time I was in front of the PC in my office, but as you can imagine it didn't work so well. Now, in just a few seconds, I can open the iTimekeep app on my iPhone, record my time and then be done. The ITimekeep app talks to the server you use for your company's time entry (we use Elite at my law firm) and immediately adds your time. </p>
<p>  This is valuable to me for two reasons. First, I do not lose credit for the work I did. These small tasks can often only be a fraction of an hour, but they add up over time as you do a better job of tracking them all. Secondly, the timing is always more accurate and descriptive when I type it in at the same time, or as close as possible, which means that the invoice I provide to my client is a better invoice. In fact, I will often post time on my iPhone immediately after an event ends. I can step into an elevator after a meeting with my client, and I can complete the schedule before it's time to get off the elevator. </p>
<p>  The iPhone interface is great because you can enter your time so quickly. Press "Matter" at the top and you can only start typing a few letters associated with a client or case. As soon as you see the one you want, just tap it. </p><div><script async src=

 IT1[ads1] 196 iTimekeep settings also allow you to set the app's default for the last case when you enter time. This makes it even faster to post multiple entries for the same client / case, which I do every day.

Press 0.00 to enter a specific time period.

 IT3 "class =" active asset image at-xid-6a010535fde333970c0240a473221d200c img-responsive "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c0240a473221d200c-320wi > <img alt=

 IT5   IT6

To make it even faster to spend time on my iPhone, I use the iPhone & # 39; s built-in text exchange feature (Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> For example, if I type "rcf" on my iPhone, the iPhone automatically changes it to "Review correspondence from," and then I just type the person's name and what the correspondence is about.

iTimekeep validates your time against billing requirements clients, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to add a necessary problem or task code for a file, or to add time in steps of 0.1 when the client requires your 0.25 entries.

PC and Mac

You can also use iTimekeep on a secure site, using your chosen browser, from a PC or Mac, which is how I enter most of my time. In my office, I post it using When I enter my time at home at night, I use my Mac.

There are large buttons to click to add time or start a timer. From there, the process is similar to an iPhone, and the timing is even faster because you can use the computer keyboard. The My Time page gives you an overview of each entry, with the client name, followed by the case name, and then your descriptive text and time.

 IT web "class =" assets-asset image at-xid-6a010535fde333970c0240a4c0f792200b img-responsive "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c0240a4c0f79i web "/> </p>
<p>  make switching to different views even faster. The dashboard gives you an overview of your month (or week or year), including the number of billable hours and non-billable hours, average daily load, and other useful statistics. easily see an overview of how much you billed each day, and you can jump to any specific day to add more time to that day, and these two views also make it easy to review your time cards and fill in any shortcomings, Especially useful if someone else puts in your time and you just want to fix the entries, and if you want the timer feature, the Timers view gives you a single view to handle simultaneous timers, so you can quickly switch between timers in different </p>
<p>  Presumably, the billing system also has its own website or desktop software that can be used to save time. But iTimekeep is so fast and easy to use that it lets you be much more efficient with the time input, freeing you to either do more work or finish your work day even earlier. </p>
<p><strong>  Conclusion </strong></p>
<p>  Everything about the time entry process is better with iTimekeep. You spend less time setting your own time, and you do it more accurately and efficiently. And because your iPhone is probably always with you, it's incredibly easy to schedule time at the same time or record an entry from earlier in the day whenever and wherever you think about it. Plus, it's easy to look at past listings, and iTimekeep will even alert you when you seem to be missing a day. Therefore, even if you do not enter your own time, iTimekeep makes it incredibly easy to see what time was recorded for you, so you can fix any errors earlier in the process. Thanks to iTimekeep for sponsoring the iPhone J.D. this month and to improve my own law practice. </p><div><script async src=

Click here for more information about iTimekeep.

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